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Protesters Looted a Louis Vuitton Store and Over $85,000 Worth of Goods Had Been Stolen

Protesters Looted a Louis Vuitton Store and Over $85,000 Worth of Goods Had Been Stolen
IMAGE SCREENSHOT Twitter/James Woods
The riot was caught on video and is now breaking the internet.

Unrest in the United States continues to escalate following the death of unarmed man George Floyd in the hands of police officer David Chauvin in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Protests decrying his death and calling for justice started in Minnesota and eventually spread throughout other cities. Some protests have devolved into lootings in designer stores and malls. One looting in Portland, in particular, made headlines yesterday, May 31—and a video captured exactly what went down.

A Louis Vuitton boutique in Portland, Oregon was sacked, trashed, and looted. Protestors stormed the store wearing masks and came out with arms full of the expensive loot. The viral video, posted by American actor James Woods on Twitter, shows the horde of protestors scrambling to enter, and it appears that the store front’s glass had already been smashed. Others stopped to document the break-in with their phones before moving to grab their own loot. 

American reporter John Binder took up the painstaking task of estimating the cost of the stolen goods and shared his calculations on Twitter. According to, Binder estimates that more than $85,000 worth of LV goods had been stolen. Portland Police have been hard at work to manage the rioters in their city, but news on the LV looters have yet to be disclosed.


Portland isn’t the only place with rioters trooping the streets and smashing up designer stores. Yesterday, L.A.’s The Grove and Rodeo Drive, both famous for its high-end retail stores, were also trashed and looted. Among the stores were Michael Kors (The Grove), Gucci and Alexander McQueen (Rodeo Drive). Numerous stores in New York, Chicago, Santa Monica, and Michigan were also looted. 

George Floyd’s death awakened national unrest, with protests and riots breaking out in over 30 cities. George Floyd, an African-American man, died last May 25 in the hands of caucasian David Chauvin, who kneed Floyd’s neck to the ground despite him pleading to stop. Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter, but protesters think that it isn’t enough to serve him justice.

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