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Lorin Gutierrez Has the Best Reply to a Commenter Telling Her to "Cover Up"

Tell 'em, girl!
Lorin Gutierrez Has the Best Reply to a Commenter Telling Her to "Cover Up"
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/loringabriella
Tell 'em, girl!

Lorin Gutierrez, eldest daughter of Ruffa Gutierrez, has very clearly blossomed into a beauty. Apart from a pretty face, though, she's also got a good head on her shoulderswe love her response to a comment on her Instagram bikini snap saying she should cover her body.

While the 15-year-old stunner certainly received lots of admiring comments on the above post from her sunny Bali holiday with family, user @kenneth_castro_divina proved to be the exception, writing, "Itago mo yang katawan mo iha...Dapat may pinaglalaanan yan na special na tao. Wag mong ipagkalandakan.


The words translate roughly to "Cover your body...It should be reserved for someone special. Don't flaunt it to everyone else."

And Lorin's mature, respectful, yet firm reply? Read it right here:

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/loringabriella

"My body doesn’t belong to anyone else apart from me po. That means if I want to show it off, as long as my family is OK with it (which they are,) then I will.”

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Our favorite part has got to be this: “Girls should be able to choose whether they want to be more conservative or showy depending on what they feel comfortable with, not for a 'special na tao' because that special person, whoever they may be, doesn’t own me and should be OK with me being confident in my own skin. If they aren't, then they aren't special to me." Love that to bits. You go, Lorin. Tell it like it is. 

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