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7 Local Shops That Can Deliver Your Coffee Fix Right to Your Doorstep

Get your coffee fix, stat!
7 Local Shops That Can Deliver Your Coffee Fix Right to Your Doorstep
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Get your coffee fix, stat!

Let's admit it: We owe our productivity to coffee. Just a sip of our favorite cup already makes us feel less lethargic on a busy day. So, if you’re looking for a rich coffee experience at home, we’ve rounded up seven local coffee shops where you can easily order whole or ground beans as well as ready-to-drink coffee delivered for your pleasure:

1. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons offer a lot of ready-to-drink coffee options from hot café americano, iced coffee, to frozen blended drinks. Pair your drink of choice with delicious snacks like the classic chocolate donut, assorted Timbits, or some cheesecake for dessert. You can conveniently place your orders via Foodpanda, GrabFood, and LalaFood.


What to order: Ready-to-drink coffee and some snacks

Visit their website for more details.

2. Coffee Factory

Support our local farmers through the Coffee Factory! They sell whole, medium ground, coarse, or fine coffee beans which are locally sourced from provinces like Benguet, Kalinga, Sagada, and Batangas. Gram servings range from 250g, 400g, 500g, to 1000g.

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What to order: Whole, medium ground, coarse, or fine coffee beans

Shop the products here.

3. Commune

If you’re living far from Poblacion, Commune will find its way to you! Home roasters can avail green coffee beans like Libera, Benguet, Bukidnon, and Peaberry (Benguet Arabica) on a per-kilo basis. You can also get Commune's signature blends like Benguet Arabica and Cavite Robusta! Make sure you share with then the method you usually brew your coffee at home so they can properly grind the beans according to your use.


Same-day deliveries are done via Lalamove or Grab Express. For in-house deliveries within Makati, Taguig, Pasay, and Manila, you can expect your order to arrive in two to three business days.

What to order: Whole bean coffee or ground coffee

Place your orders here.

4. Layag

Fresh from Benguet farms, Layag coffee delivers premium Arabica beans and coffee cherries (yes, they exist!) to your satisfaction. You can buy them in whole bean or drip version depending on your coffee-making preference. But if you’re not keen on the rigorous process of brewing your own cup, you can always go with their ready-to-drink cold brew. Did we mention, you're also doing good with your coffee purchase? A portion of your purchase helps fund their health resilience projects in far-flung areas.


What to order: Whole bean or drip coffee, or ready-to-drink cold brew

Shop their products here.

5. Type A Cold Brew

Type A Cold Brew offers a refreshing take on coffee you’d definitely want to drink on a hot, summer day. Their Panama coffee beans are roasted, ground, and steeped in cold water to bring out the flavor for the perfect cup of joe in the morning. What's more, you can turn your Type A cold brew into an after-work cocktail treat. Type A Cold Brew drinks are served in glass bottles which you can return for a refill, BTW!


What to order: Ready-to-drink cold brew

Shop the products here.

6. El Union Coffee

This is perfect for those who miss going to La Union. One of our fave Elyu hangouts, El Union Coffee, now delivers whole bean coffee to Metro Manila. You can get discounts on 200g bags so hurry and order while supplies are still available!


What to order: Whole bean coffee

Place your order here.

7. Dunkin'

Missed your favorite iced coffee? Good news! Dunkin' has recently reopened for takeouts and deliveries. Grab your go-to cup of joe and a donut (or two) beacuse you definitely deserve a treat! You can order via GrabFood, LalaFood, Foodpanda, Lalamove Pabili Service, JoyRide Pabili Service, and StreetBy. Availability of delivery channel varies per location.


What to order: Ready-to-drink coffee, ground coffee

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