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Local Products to Gift Your Man with This Valentine’s Day

You can shop them online, too!
Local Products to Gift Your Man with This Valentine’s Day
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You can shop them online, too!

Everyone loves a well thought out gift. So this Valentine’s Day, though your beau may be meeting you with those earrings you’ve been hinting on and a bouquet in tow, why not surprise him with a present of his own? That smile on his face when he opens his gift is going to be priceless! 

Now, don’t go panicking and worrying about what to get your man. We’ve peered the far corners of the web and curated a list of quality gentleman-worthy gifts that are by homegrown brands and can easily be shopped online. Have your browser and credit cards at the ready, and scroll on through! 

Type A Cold Brew

Your coffee-obsessed beau would love this. Type A is a local coffee brand by’s past Editor-in-Chief, Anna Canlas, along with her two sisters. The brand produces premium cold brew coffee that’s made with specially roasted beans from Panama. Its strong kick, with notes of orange peel and dark chocolate, is a delicious way for him to start his day. You can get him a 900ml Glass Bottle—that’s totally refillable—or a bulk buy of five bottles through Type A’s own website.


Barik Supremo Lambanog

If you’ve been spending your nights at bars like 20:20 or restaurants like Tambai for the past year or two, you must have seen people taking shots of this strong Filipino liquor in a cool apothecary-like bottle. Barik Supremo Lambanog is giving the authentic Filipino moonshine a cool rep with its handsome branding and delicious blends—you can opt to get your man the Puro, a 500ml bottle of pure lambanog; or the Ginger Sour, 250ml ready-mixed cocktail of lambanog, ginger, clamansi, and honey. It’s perfect for your beau that’s interested in local culture or great drinks. What’s great is that you can order it online here.

The Bamboo Company – Lakbawayan Labahabamboo Razor

If you’ve been on the road to zero-waste living, you’ve probably nudged your significant other to join you on your quest for a life free of single-use plastic and unnecessary trash. This Valentine’s Day surprise your man with the Lakbawayan Labahabamboo Razor by The Bamboo Company. What’s great about this is that it’s a double-edged safety razor that’s made of stainless steel with a bamboo handle. It’s also crafted in a “close comb” design, providing safety and a clean-cut finish to any shave. It’s perfect to jumpstart a lifestyle that’s led with a lower plastic footprint. Shop it now here.


Kuero Krafts – Leather Bi-fold Wallet

If you’re beau is the type of guy that still carries his old beat up wallet then it’s time to let it retire with this leather bi-fold by Kuero Krafts. What’s great about it is that its sleek design is handmade by leather artisans in Manila, it holds all the essentials, and slips right into the pocket. No muss, no fuss. The genuine cowhide leather would only burnish and patina with age, making it a handsome classic as time goes by. Order one for your man here.

Nami – Men’s Silver Jewelry

You may think that your man won’t be the type to wear a signet ring or a silver medallion necklace, but trust us when we say that everyone can’t say no to a well-crafted piece of jewelry. Nami is an online jewelry brand that’s best known for their minimalist silver pieces. In partnership with local artist and all around style guy, Mano Gonzales, Nami released its first line of pieces designed for men last year. If your beau is new to jewelry, we highly suggest the Medallion Mens Matte, a round disk pendant that falls off a link chain necklace; or the Thin Matte Cuff, an unassuming bracelet that makes for a great everyday accessory. You can check out the collection on their website.


Whether you’re getting him the bulk bundle of Type A Cold Brew or the silver Thin Matte Cuff from Nami, there’s no doubt that this Valentine’s Day is going to be a good one!