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The Local Celebs Reveal Their Most Unforgettable Reads

Celebrity Book Club approves!
The Local Celebs Reveal Their Most Unforgettable Reads Celebrity Book Club approves!

As much as we enjoy gossiping about lip glosses and next season's Louboutins over lunch break, nothing sparks a juicy conversation better than a good book. For the record, we think geek is totally chic, and nothing could be more stylish than a girl who reads. That said, we asked some local celebrity bookworms for their most unforgettable reads. Be it about love, religion, or career, take your pick from these books that will get you flipping through pages all day, all night.


“I'm not into love stories too much, but I do love Dan Brown's books. They always keep me on my toes and they're so full of detail. Even if his books are fiction, it makes me want to go to the places [he wrote about]. The Lost Symbol may not have been my most favorite, but I wanted to see the different places in the book—I even found a list online of all the places you can go to that he mentioned!” – Megan Young

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"Every book has its own charm. It's hard to pick the best because every book I've read touched my heart on so many levels. But I guess the first one that opened up my heart to love and heartbreak is Paradise by Judith McNaught. I was in my teens when I read it so I can say I was pretty naive. I can practically compare that book to my first boyfriend, which means the first cut is the deepest." – Lovi Poe


"So far, maybe Essays in Love by Alain de Botton. I can't explain it without giving it away so I'm just going to borrow the words from a review I read about the book: it puts love under a 'philosophical microscope.' It's a love story stripped of all the icing and exposed for the messy (but totally worth it) thing that it is." –Nikki Gil-Albert


Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster, both by Jamie McGuire. The books were written from a girl’s and a guy's point of view. I enjoyed the guy's POV more. He was a typical bad boy who eventually changed and it was fun reading through his thoughts.” – Mikee Quintos

“#GirlBoss is my favorite book right now. It's about the founder of Nasty Gal and about how she went from selling vintage stuff on eBay to having a million dollar empire. It's funny, inspiring, and very empowering for any woman trying to succeed in her career.” – Max Collins


Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. This book made me see the beauty in me through God's eyes. It helped me realize my worth and value as a woman, that God pursues me in those little things everyday and that I don't deserve anything less than the great love He has for me. It taught me how to figure out what God may have in store for me through the gifts and skills that He has blessed me with! This book will make you fall deeper in love with God.” – LJ Reyes


"To Kill a Mockingbird (by Harper Lee). It's a book I didn't quite appreciate in high school but it's a timeless novel and one that still applies today. It touches on themes like morality, race, femininity, youth and discrimination - all through the innocent eyes of a child. I named my dog Atticus because of it! The story leaves a mark on you in so many ways and is one that inspires you to become more understanding of others." – Kim Jones-Rosales


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