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7 Local Celebrities Who Opened Up About Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

Celebs have decided to use their platforms to open up about their own mental health.
7 Local Celebrities Who Opened Up About Dealing with Anxiety and Depression
IMAGE Instagram/nadine, Instagram/ylonagarcia
Celebs have decided to use their platforms to open up about their own mental health.

It isn't easy to open up about our experiences, especially when it comes to personal struggles. You shouldn't have to if you don't feel comfortable doing it yet, but know that there are people willing to listen to your experiences when you're ready to reach out.

Many celebrities have decided to use their platforms to open up about their own mental health to hopefully encourage others to do the same and lessen the stigma on people living with mental illnesses.

1. Claudia Barretto

The 21-year-old has been open about her experience with anxiety and wished to further initiate a conversation about the importance of mental well-being. She launched a podcast on mental health awareness called Mind Games in partnership with Mental Health PH. As an artist, she also hopes to use music to further widen the reach of her cause.


2. Julia Barretto

As someone who comes from an artista clan and works in the entertainment industry, Julia has been the center of various controversies and issues throughout the span of her celebrity career. The older Barretto sister decided to open up about her struggle with anxiety during a podcast with her sister Claudia. "I do suffer from anxiety, and it's something that I have suffered with for almost five years now," Julia shares. "When I get attacks, I can't move, I can't talk, I'm always just staring."

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During the podcast, Julia got to share about an experience where someone told her "it's all in her head" while she's having a panic attack. "I was so furious," she said and proceeded to passionately debunk the misconception about mental health to the other person. 

3. Ylona Garcia

In 2018, the Filipino-Australian singer took to Twitter to share her experience with anxiety. Ylona had been on the receiving end of unnecessary hate that led to her hospitalization. "As much as I want to keep things private, I want everyone to be aware of their mental health," she wrote, in hopes of helping her followers become more mindful of their own mental health.

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4. Nadine Lustre

Nadine isn't one to hide what she truly feels, and that extends to her experience with depression and anxiety. She regularly uses her influence to remind fans that their own personal battles and feelings are valid.

"I'm sick and tired of these boomers treating mental issues like it's a mf joke," Nadine once said in an Instagram Story after columnist Ricky Lo published an article that linked her mental health and even the death of her brother to her breakup with James Reid.

She was also addressing radio anchor Jobert Sucaldito who made a suicide joke pertaining to Nadine while on-air. Part of the statement he made on his radio show was, "Sana tumalon na lang kung ganun din naman pala" while talking about the social media posts Nadine has been making after her breakup. 


5. Kylie Verzosa

The 2016 Miss International publicly shared that she was diagnosed as clinically depressed. She also has close friends who have their own personal battles regarding their mental health. Kylie has since been an advocate for mental health awareness. She launched an online group called Mental Health Matters as a safe space where individuals who live with mental illnesses can seek support.


6. Kiana Valenciano

Kiana once opened up about living with anxiety and depression when she explained the meaning behind her tattoo "Saved."

"I was dealing with anxiety and depression and reached the point where I didn't even notice I was hurting myself physically. It wasn't until a friend pointed out that I had scratches and scars across the back of my neck that I realised I was lost and needed help," Kiana shared.


Two years after her experience, Kiana was able to find a healthier way to live with her mental health conditions. She had the word "Saved" tattooed over her scars as a reminder of how she overcame her struggles.

7. Sofia Andres

In June 2018, Sofia announced that she was taking a break from showbiz to focus on herself and her recovery from anxiety.


Just a month before, she talked about struggling with anxiety and going to a therapist to help her recover. "Anxiety is anxiety we don't know when is it going to attack you. Yes, I am always worried w everything. Literally everything."

In 2020, Sofia went on Claudia Barretto's podcast to further talk about her experience. There, she elaborated on why she decided to take a break. "I took a break from showbiz because, I don't know if I should say this, but I think it was a bit toxic for me and because of what happened with my love team and the bad blood with the press," Sofia said. She flew to Sydney, Australia and spent six months there.


If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health concerns, here are some important numbers and websites in the Philippines:

Crisis Line (for free, non-judgmental, and anonymous telephone counseling):

Landline: (02) 893-7603

Globe Duo: 0917-800-1123 / 0917-506-7314

Sun Double Unlimited: 0922-893-8944 / 0922-346-8776

National Center for Mental Health Crisis Hotline:

(02) 989-USAP (989-8727)

0917-899-USAP (0917-899-8727)

Center for Family Ministries (for spiritual counseling):

Landline: (02) 426-4289 to 92

Ateneo Bulatao Center:

Landine: (02) 426-5982


Online resources for mental health and suicide prevention:

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