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Oreo Has Made One Crazy Cookie and We're Instant Fans

They're only available in the U.S. for now, though.
Oreo Has Made One Crazy Cookie and We're Instant Fans
IMAGE Twitter/Oreo
They're only available in the U.S. for now, though.

They say if it ain't broke, don't fix it—but that hasn't stopped Oreos from coming up with all sorts of wild and wacky flavors. Just some of the notable ones they make or have made available globally are the Candy Corn, Kettle Corn, and even Hot Chicken Wings—thus proving there's no limit to the possibilities when it comes to the chocolate-sandwich cookies. This time around, they're taking their cue from the brownie-cookie hybrid known as the brookie, as they're offering  the Brookie-O Oreos in the U.S. for a limited time!

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Yup, there are three layers of creme in each Brookie-O Oreo!
PHOTO BY Twitter/Oreo

The Brookie-O Oreos have three layers of creme in brownie, original creme, and cookie-dough flavors, sandwiched between Oreo's signature chocolate-wafer cookies. According to American junk-food review blog The Impulsive Buy, these Oreos are like a "good chorus" in that "each voice on its own can shine, but together they make beautiful music"—and our mouths are already watering! They're only available in the U.S. for the time being, but our fingers are crossed that they make their way to our shores some time soon as well.

Aside from the Brookie-O variant, Oreo is also introducing limited-edition Strawberry Frosted Doughnut Oreos in the U.S. These cookies is set to hit their grocery shelves in March, and each one has a double-layer of strawberry-flavored creme (with rainbow sprinkles!) and a doughnut-flavored creme in between vanilla wafer cookies.

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Meanwhile, joining their full-time, non-limited edition lineup in the U.S. are the Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos, a spinoff of a previous limited-edition Chocolate Hazelnut variant but now with chocolate wafer cookies instead of the original vanilla; and the Java Chip Oreos , which have a coffee-flavored creme studded with chocolate chips.


Oreo is a brand of cookies that's been around since 1912. They have a winning formula of chocolate-wafer cookies and sweet creme filling, and are loved the world over, even inspiring spinoff treats like cookies-and-cream ice cream and doughnuts.

The Lost Bread lets you enjoy Oreos in ice-cream form with their Cookies & Cream Cheesecake variant.
PHOTO BY The Lost Bread
In November of 2020, Krispy Kreme offered limited-edition Cookies n' Kreme doughnuts!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Krispy Kreme Philippines ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

For more information, check out Oreo's Twitter page.

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