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This Unicorn Bicycle Is the Perfect Gift for Kids and Kids at Heart

We want one!
This Unicorn Bicycle Is the Perfect Gift for Kids and Kids at Heart
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/liliana_manahan
We want one!

Every kid owns that one toy that defined his/her childhood. Now whatever that may be (mine was a make-believe cash register), we bet you've never seen one this cool.

In 2011, artist Lilianna Manahan created not just a regular bicycle but a unicorn bicycleSo what exactly does a unicorn bike look like? Check it out below!


According to Lilianna, it was a friend of hers who gave her the idea for this project. "He asked me if I could make a unicorn bike for another friend as a surprise. I immediately took on the challenge because it was just fun," she told Preview.

For the bike itself, she sourced an affordable one and had it painted. She then sculpted a scale model of the unicorn's body, and she had the fiberglass mold custom-fit to the bike itself. "I hand-painted all the details myself, and I wanted it to look like a carousel horse so those were the colors I went for," the artist described.

Eventually, her friend's surprise didn't push through, but they still kept it because, let's be real, who wouldn't? And when we asked Lilianna if she'll be open to making another one, she said, "Of course! I wouldn’t pass on that fun opportunity. It’s always good to take a break and do challenges like these."

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A gift to your unicorn-loving friends and family, perhaps?

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