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8 Lifestyle YouTubers to Watch if You Need Adulting Tips

Need help navigating your 20s?
8 Lifestyle YouTubers to Watch if You Need Adulting Tips
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Need help navigating your 20s?

You finally made it—you’re in your twenties, living the independent lifestyle you’ve been wanting to have since you were probably 12 years old. It’s all a dreamy experience, that is, until the reality of the situation starts kicking in, and the repetitive routine of getting up, going to work, tending to chores and paying bills have got you wishing you can go back to a simpler time, before ‘burnout’ was a term you used to describe the state of your being. Yup, adulting can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, even for those who've been living independently for years. But no matter where you are in your twenties, it's okay if you don’t have everything figured out yet.

When it comes to adulting, there’s no singular method one can follow that guarantees success, as it varies from person to person. And unfortunately, this is often distorted in the world of social media. In times when you might feel a little lost, it always helps to find someone you can relate to. That said, here are eight lifestyle YouTubers you can watch to teach you about the different sides of adulting.


8 Lifestyle YouTubers to watch if you need adulting tips:

1. Sophia Chang

If you want to learn about curating a minimalist yet chic lifestyle for yourself, Sophia is definitely your go-to-gal. Living alone for the first time at 28, she documents how her days go about on her channel, as she shows you her two adorable dogs, Leo and Luna, her rollerblading and workout sessions, as well as lots of cleaning montages. 

2. Ashley B. Choi

Leave it to Ashley to show you that it’s never too late to start over in life. Currently based in Seoul, South Korea, this YouTuber takes viewers on a scenic trip around the famous city and shows you how you can effectively juggle various hats, whilst finding yourself in her Adulting Series.

3. Michelle Choi

With 1.18 million subscribers (and counting!), there’s no doubt Michelle’s content has inspired many through her Living Alone Diaries. The series, which she started back in 2019, is a relatable and candid visual diary that documents her growth in each space she lives in. Expect her videos to feature her dog, Dobby (who is pretty much an internet celebrity of his own), while the two of them live their best lives in NYC!

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4. Jammy Cruz

Jammy is a lifestyle YouTuber who’s been quickly garnering her own cred in the platform. In her Life at Home series, you’ll be immersed in her daily routine as she cooks up delicious meals in her kitchen, hangs out with her cats, and picks up new hobbies that will inspire you to venture out and try new things for yourself. She also has a few mukbang videos you should definitely check out!

5. Ashley Garcia

Having had an early start in the game, the now 22-year-old recently started her Adulting Series on the platform. Though she’s known to recreate some of your favorite celeb’s most trending and stylish looks, we’re definitely excited to see and learn more about adulting through this young, independent woman’s eyes!

6. Freesia Park

Ever wondered what it’s like to move across the country on your own? Freesia Park chronicles her journey of moving from NYC to LA in the middle of the pandemic, in the most aesthetically pleasing and organized way possible. Living alone for the first time, she shares her struggles and wisdom on figuring life out as a stranger in a new city.


7. Hazel Quing

With over 800,000 subscribers, Hazel is a popular lifestyle YouTuber you should definitely follow if you haven’t already. Her Living Alone Diaries is so satisfying to watch, it feels like you’re growing along with her in her journey as a woman in her twenties.

8. Ry Velasco

Another popular Filipina content creator, Ry makes adulting feel like an elevated experience through her My Weekly Vlog videos. Ry, whose journey to independence is well documented in her channel, shares a unique aspect to living alone that will inspire you to try it at least once in your life.

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