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Letters to Mom: Janeena Chan Writes a Sweet Message for Her Super Mom

Letters to Mom: Janeena Chan Writes a Sweet Message for Her Super Mom
IMAGE Janeena Chan
"Being a mother becomes you."

Dearest Mama Bear,

It’s been a while since I last wrote you a letter. And clearly the times have changed, as you’re reading this in digital form sans the Barbie stationery, my doodles, and stickers on the side. Although they say nothing is constant in this world but change, I seek comfort in knowing that I’ll always be the same baby girl in your heart and eyes, whether it’s 1993 or 2017.


IMAGE Janeena Chan

You’ve always been so selfless, and strong. You strike the perfect balance when it comes to knowing when to be a protective mother, a super cool BFF, and a wise sister, all quite naturally. Being a mother becomes you. And I know that even the planet’s most miraculous anti-aging supplements can’t replace the unique vibrations of youth brought about by the bolts of laughter we share, and how you unequivocally fit into the role of being a hyper-current “millennial momma.” I mean, not all moms can say they enjoy and are actually good at playing VR games, and are proficient in social apps!

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To simply greet you a Happy Mother’s Day doesn’t suffice, so here’s one of the many surprises you oh so deserve… in the pursuit of paying forward all the genuine acts of love and kindness you’ve shown upon us, me and Jessie, in the lives we’ve grown to embrace and flourish in because of you. Thank you for all your sacrifices, for always putting up a strong front whatever the circumstances may be, and for simply being the superwoman that you are. 

 Love always your forever baby girl,


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