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Wow, "Pretty Little Liars" Is Back with a New Spinoff Series on HBO and Lea Salonga Is Part of the Cast

She's playing the mom of one of the show's lead characters.
Wow, "Pretty Little Liars" Is Back with a New Spinoff Series on HBO and Lea Salonga Is Part of the Cast
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She's playing the mom of one of the show's lead characters.

Good news, Pretty Little Liars fans: All the secrets of the well-loved thriller drama are back, and this time around, everything’s going to be darker and more terrifying than its predecessor! Introducing Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, a spinoff series that introduces a new chapter to the PLL universe. 

Like its iconic forebear, one can still expect the arc of A and teenage girls bonded by trauma to take center stage in the plot, plus, all-new twists and lots of blood to raise the stakes!

To top it all off, our very own Lea Salonga joins its powerhouse cast—portraying Elodie, the mother of one of the show’s lead characters Mouse Honrada (played by Fil-Am actress Malia Pyles.)


In an exclusive screening of the first episode of the HBO series, the Broadway icon expressed her gratitude for being chosen for the part. “The experience of filming Pretty Little Liars was a lot of fun, which is something that you wouldn't necessarily think of when you hear the words slasher and horror. I’m very blessed and fortunate that we got to be a part of this.” 

Talking more about her role, she shared that she took inspiration from her own mom, who is more traditional in a strict “Asian mom” sense. “Working on the show and reading the script, it’s like, ‘Oh my god, it’s my mother,’” she says with a laugh. “There are more similarities between Elodie and my own mother than there are between Elodie and myself. It just really was striking.”

She adds, “Elodie’s response to certain things that were going on in terms of what was happening in the story, what was happening with her, it was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is how my mother would respond or react to this.’ So it was interesting just to sit and realize, ‘I’ve got so much relationship to pull from. I have so much of my mother to pull from to create this character.’”


“But it also made it really easy, then I could really focus on forming a relationship with Malia, who is fantastic, lovely, generous, open to vulnerability, and a lovely light presence to be with. Actually, all of the [lead] girls are!”

She has nothing but kind words for the rest of her castmates, but did you know that she’s also related to one actress from the OG series? Yup, to Shay Mitchell a.k.a Emily Fields! The  Filipina Hollywood star’s mom Precious Garcia-Mitchell is coincidentally Lea’s cousin! She reflects, “It’s crazy how the universe works—but yeah, what are the odds? This is really weird that someone related to one of the original cast members is now in the latest one—and she’s not a distant relative. Shay’s mom and I are first cousins.”

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Now, that’s one crossover we didn't see coming!

Catch the newest episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin exclusively on HBO GO.

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