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5 Cute Last-Minute DIY Gifts to Make for Your Valentine

All you need is love and a little bit of creativity!
5 Cute Last-Minute DIY Gifts to Make for Your Valentine
All you need is love and a little bit of creativity!

During Valentine’s Day, finding the perfect gift can seem like a serendipitous affair. It’s a game of trying to find the right size, color, material, or design that fits your loved one’s taste. It also involves making sure the timing is right and the store is not too far away from your reach. Sometimes, it’a tedious task to even find a store that sells exactly what you’re looking for.

Luckily, with DIY Gifts, you can take matters into your own hands, quite literally, by getting creative and tweaking some things to the preference of your recipient. But more than that, homemade gifts are incredibly personal and intimate. The people you cherish will feel special just by knowing that you’ve thoughtfully made a gift by hand that’s unique to them.

Here are 5 easy DIY gifts you can make this Valentine’s Day:

1. Button Bouquets

A twist to the traditional romantic gift, button bouquets are quirky and easily customizable! If your Valentine is a sucker for all things vintage, you can pick out buttons made out of pearls and exquisite designs. You can also use bold and colorful pieces if they’re into bright hues. 


It can instantly be a classic accessory to their Valentine OOTD if you opt to use a bouquet holder. But if you choose a cute vase to hold the flowers, it can also become a lovely decor piece for your dear one’s room.

There are so many ways to style this Valentine’s gift to your liking. You can check out Aubree Originals or Sometimes Homemade for different ways to make a button bouquet.

If you’re in need of a visual guide, you can watch this LoveCrafts tutorial below: 

2. Macrame Keychains

Practicality meets bohemian through macramé keychains. It’s a chic and handy gift that never fails. The best part? It’s easy to make as well! All you need are some macrame cords and a clasp keychain. 

You can base the shade of the cords to your recipient’s favorite color or you can also add in customized accessories to the chain. There are so many patterns, shapes, and techniques to choose from when it comes to making this kitsy gift. With its limitless options, it can certainly be a present, not just for a Valentine, but for your friends and family, too!

Recommended Videos

If you’re a beginner, here’s a simple pattern that you can follow from The Pretty Life Girls. But if you’re feeling extra creative, you can check out these tutorials: 

3. No-Sew Heart Pillows 

At a time when social distancing is practiced, pillows are good alternatives for the hugs of our loved ones that we’re absolutely missing. And when it's handcrafted by that special someone, it easily has an effect that warms our hearts. No-sew heart pillows can be a good gift especially for someone whose love language is physical touch. 

Not into sewing? With a few materials like some scissors, cotton stuffing, and a cute fabric matched to your Valentine’s liking, you’re set to go! 

To make this thoughtful gift, you can check out Everyday Laura for a simple step-by-step instruction.

You can also follow the video below from Craft Factory for a quick visual guide:


4. Valentine Terrarium 

You can never go wrong with a terrarium! There are no bounds to creativity as almost anything goes. You can use a mason jar, a fish bowl, or any shape or form of a glass jar, based on whatever you think your recipient would like. Not to mention, it can also be a charming home decor piece.

While it’s a perfect gift for plantitos and plantitas, it’s also good to give to those who don’t have a green thumb. Terrariums are known to be low maintenance, as said by The Spruce. It’s sustainable and can certainly be a good reminder for your Valentine about how much you care for them. 

Check out this video from Garden Up to show you how to make the perfect terrarium.

5. Painted Glass Cups

Does your Valentine need a cute accessory when posting their caffeine fix? You can give them a painted glass cup that fits their style! This DIY idea is easy and you can even customize its pattern. Depending on your special someone’s preference, you can go for a dainty, whimsical look, or something more minimalistic.


Follow this step-by-step instruction from toDIYfor on how to achieve this perfect gift idea:

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