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Kylie Padilla Originally Wanted to Play a Villain on Encantadia

And more things you didn't know about TV's new Amihan.
Kylie Padilla Originally Wanted to Play a Villain on Encantadia And more things you didn't know about TV's new Amihan.

Kylie Padilla can kick ass. But the martial arts loving actress who has a penchant for anti-heroes like Catwoman and Harley Quinn of the Suicide Squad, somehow never gets to play the "bad girl". Since Encantadia is premiering tonight on GMA, we caught up with Kylie as she dished about initially turning down her role as Amihan and being quite the comic book fan. 

Since you’re doing a fantaserye, who’s your favorite superhero?

She’s not a superhero, she’s an anti-hero. She chooses to be a hero or not. It’s from the DC universe. It’s Catwoman! But then after, I kinda fell in love with Harley Quinn, Joker’s girlfriend. And just recently, when I saw Batman vs. Superman, Wonderwoman! 

What kind of superpower would you like to have?

There’s three: there’s flying, I wanna fly. I want to be invisible. I wanna be able to read minds. Pero itong read minds parang nag-aalangan pa ako kasi nakakabaliw yata yung lahat ng thoughts of everybody and everybody’s truths, walang nakatago. I'd want to be able to turn that power off when I want to.


If you weren't Amihan, which Sang'gre would you want to play?

Actually, interesting yung story na yan ‘cause I first auditioned for Pirena. Kasi I was doing this show then and I was playing a goody two-shoes! So in that state of mind, nung andon pa ako sa Buena Familia. Parang, ‘to nanaman tayo! Gusto ko naman maging kontrabida, sabi ko! [laughs]

The first audition, I auditioned for Pirena, and then direk said, ‘Kylie, ‘di bagay sayo yung Pirena.’ So ang nangyari ‘don, nag-back-out ako. Kasi based on my state of mind back then, I was kinda drained. So I was thinking, kaysa ma-drain ako ulit sa istorya na hindi ko naman feel yung character, magpapahinga na lang muna ako. Magau-Australia ako. And then, before I left, direk talked to me, ‘Give it a chance! Gusto ko maging Amihan ka.’ So nung nagbakasyon ako, kinilala ko muna yung role, kinilala ko si Amihan. Like who’s this girl? Kasi hindi ko naman pinanood yung original. And then after a while, I understood kung sino si Amihan, kung ano yung pinaglalaban niya. And ang hirap naman maging kontrabida 24/7, kasi ako ‘pag may role ako, talagang all-in ako. So tama naman na ginawa akong Amihan, but then, kung hindi nga, Pirena. Pirena yung pipiliin ko.

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Then what's your favorite aspect about Amihan?

Yung from the start, hindi niya alam yung strengths niya. Like she’s just doing what she believes is right. Tapos, she’s just going with the flow, and then in the end, malalaman niya na she’s destined for something. That she's able to stand up for herself.

What about your costume are you most excited about?

Actually, I’m just excited about the warrior costume. Kasi for other people, they think of it as, "Ay, ang sexy!" but for me kasi, I think it would make a woman powerful. 

What are you looking forward to in this Encantadia remake?

I think it's my acting style? It’s a different style of acting na hindi ka pwede yung, "ito yung feel ko sa eksena na ‘to." Kailangan dyosa pa rin, no matter what. I like kasi yung medyo no-effort acting. Yung medyo… totoo. Pero here kasi, dahil dyosa sila, there’s a certain way of acting, and it’s a challenge for me! Kasi ‘yun yung ayaw ko. Yung parang ‘pag umiiyak ka, dapat maganda ka pa rin! [Laughs] So this is a challege, I’m actually nervous about that! I think that my acting prowess here will improve! Kasi sobrang kailangan ng disiplina.


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Main image photographed by Koji Arboleda

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