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Kylie Padilla Opens Up About Her Love for Painting

Check out some of her artwork here.
Kylie Padilla Opens Up About Her Love for Painting
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/kylienicolepadilla
Check out some of her artwork here.

I love painting. I didn’t go to art school (although I’ve always wanted to), so I studied how to paint on my own. I find it interesting that, what you learn in life, you can also apply in art. Which is why, for my last post as Preview’s celebrity guest editor this month, I want to share with you two paintings that are dear to my heart. I feel like both symbolize a particular phase in my life.

The first one is something I painted about five years ago. As you can see, it has a perfect face and I used perfect strokes. The way I interpret this, perhaps I had an obsession to be perfect back in 2011. When I was younger, I thought everything had to be perfect, and so it reflected in my artwork.


IMAGE An Original Painting by Kylie Padilla

I realized all this a few years later and maybe you can notice the difference in one of my most recent paintings. For some reason, I love drawing naked women. It does have a bit of a cryptic message. I used rough strokes on this one, and it’s clearly not as perfect—because in real life, women aren’t always flawless, thin, and impossibly pretty. I’ve learned to embrace the fact that imperfection in itself can also be beautiful.

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IMAGE An Original Painting by Kylie Padilla

P.S. This is my last post, so I’m ending my stint as guest editor with a souvenir for you guys! These paintings of mine above have been resized and edited by Preview as downloadable mobile wallpapers, so all you have to do is save the image and you can dress up your phones with my artwork! Hope you all learned a thing or two from the previous posts I've shared. ‘Til next time!



Kylie Padilla is’s Celebrity Guest Editor for November. With a strong passion for makeup, painting, and poetry, the 23-year-old actress is guaranteed to fill up the month with all things fun and creative for every #ImAPreviewGirl.

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