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Here’s What Kryz Uy Has to Say About Being Popular for Her So-Called “Generational Wealth”

Here’s What Kryz Uy Has to Say About Being Popular for Her So-Called “Generational Wealth”
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Is she really heiress to big-time family money?

If your hobbies include scrolling through social media for so-called “life pegs,” then you’re probably familiar with how lifestyle influencer and vlogger Kryz Uy is often the subject of spotlight on successful women. There are musings on how life must perhaps be a "bed of roses" if you’re in Kryz's shoes because she's someone who seems to have it all figured out—what with her happy family, thriving career, and adorable marriage with her fellow celebrity Slater Young.

As much as she appreciates the kind words, Kryz revealed in a podcast episode that she’s still not on the level that the internet perceives. ICYMI, she recently trended for her so-called “generational wealth,” which she’s quick to shut down. According to her, the talks might’ve stemmed from her recent experience with her son Scottie.

She narrates, “So Scottie and I went dog shopping. One time we were driving, and he really forced me to go down. So we went to this dog store, and he fell in love with all the dogs there, particularly this teacup shih tzu puppy that was 230 thousand pesos. It was so expensive, and Scottie kept bugging me to buy it.”

“I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, sorry, anak. I can't afford to buy that for you.’ And funnily enough, that story got picked up by so many news outlets, and because of that, nag-trending ako!”

It turns out that some people might’ve misinterpreted the story. “A lot of people misinterpreted it and thought I bought the dog. 230 thousand? I just couldn't wrap my head around it. I asked [my editors], ‘What's happening? Bat akala ng mga tao may generational wealth ako?’”

Slater Young defends Kryz Uy

Her team noticed that fans were under the impression that Kryz is an heir to several big businesses in Cebu. Kryz clears, “Those [businesses] are my cousins’. My relatives own them. Not me.”

Slater also shared his take on the matter. “This is how I interpret it: Generational wealth [means] your kids don't have to work a day in their life. Wala pa kami don. That's the goal, though. Nung nakita ko yun, I want people to know that you hustle hard.”

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