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Did You Know? These Korean Celebrities Also Have Famous Siblings

Talent runs in the family!
Did You Know? These Korean Celebrities Also Have Famous Siblings
IMAGE Instagram/jessica.syj, daraxxi
Talent runs in the family!

Having a sibling can be stressful at times but admit itthey're your best support system in life. Even if you keep on arguing over an outfit (that they borrowed but never told you) or because of your different opinions, our sisters and brothers are the ones we can always rely on. Being in the same industry is also an advantage because you'll be able to relate to each other's woes and give advice at the same time.

In K-entertainment, there are a bunch of Korean actors and K-pop idols whose siblings are also in this field. Below is a list of them and they're proof that talent really runs in the family:

1. Sandara Park and Park Sang Hyun (Thunder)

Where you've seen Sandara: 2NE1's promotional activities, We Broke Up, The Producers

Where you've seen Thunder: MBLAQ's promotional activities, Nail Shop Paris, Padam Padam

PHOTO BY Instagram/daraxxi

2. Park Chanyeol and Park Yoora

Where you've seen Chanyeol: EXO's promotional activities, Missing 9, Roomate

Where you've seen Yoora: As a YTN news anchor, Vincenzo

PHOTO BY Instagram/yooranna

3. Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung

Where you've seen Jessica: Girls' Generation's promotional activities, Mixnine, as Blanc and Eclare's Founder

Where you've seen Krystal: f(x)'s promotional activities, Prison Playbook, The Heirs

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PHOTO BY Instagram/vousmevoyez

4. Taeyang and Dong Hyun Bae

Where you've seen Taeyang: BIGBANG's promotional activities, Mixnine

Where you've seen Hyun Bae: So I Married An Anti-Fan, Rugal, Shut Up Flower Boy Band 

PHOTO BY Instagram/___hyunbae___

5. Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan

Where you've seen Kim Tae Hee:  Hi Bye, Mama!, Iris, Stairway To Heaven

Where you've seen Hyun Bae: Law Of The Jungle, Our Gap Soon, Stairway To Heaven

6. J-Hope and Jung Ji Woo

Where you've seen J-Hope: BTS' promotional activities

Where you've seen Ji Woo: As a YouTuber

PHOTO BY Instagram/mejiwoo103

7. Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Ki Bum

Where you've seen Hyung Jun: SS501's promotional activities

Where you've seen Ki Bum: UKISS' promotional activities

PHOTO BY Instagram/hyungjunking

8. Choi Sooyoung and Choi Soo Jin

Where you've seen Soo Young: Girls' Generation's promotional activities,  So I Married An Anti-Fan, Run On


Where you've seen Soo Jin: As a theater actress in the plays Newsies, Winter Sonata, and Goong

9. Doyoung and Gong Myung

Where you've seen Doyoung: NCT's promotional activities

Where you've seen Gong Myung: 5urprise's promotional activities, Be Melodramatic, The Bride Of Habaek

PHOTO BY Instagram/0myoung_0526

10. Jeongyeon and Gong Seung Yeon

Where you've seen Jeongyeon: TWICE's promotional activities


Where you've seen Seung Yeon: Are You Human?, Introverted Boss, Six Flying Dragons

PHOTO BY Instagram/0seungyeon

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