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7 New K-Dramas We Can't Wait to Watch on iQiyi This 2021

Including Kim Go Eun's "Yumi's Cells," which is exclusive to the streaming site.
7 New K-Dramas We Can't Wait to Watch on iQiyi This 2021
IMAGE iqiyi
Including Kim Go Eun's "Yumi's Cells," which is exclusive to the streaming site.

A rising force in the streaming game, Asian-centric platform iQiyi is proving their worth by snatching up some of the most anticipated releases as of late, including a slew of up-and-coming, promising K-dramas. After My Roommate Is a Gumiho, they’re once again updating their growing library with finds you can only watch on the platform, including Kim Go Eun’s Yumi’s Cells, and the iQiyi original Korean series Lost.

Here are seven new K-dramas coming to iQiyi soon.

1. The Devil Judge (Now Streaming)

In a dystopian modern-day Korea where public dissent for government officials rings loud throughout the country, Head Trial Judge Kang has turned his courtroom into a reality show where he mercilessly punishes the guilty. An enigmatic and cunning personality whose true intentions remain in the dark, he’s earned the nickname “Devil Judge,” rattling the curiosities of two childhood friends. There’s rookie Judge Kim Ga-on and Police Officer Yoo Soo-hyun, who are both hungry for justice, even it means taking on the powerful Judge Kang.


Starring: Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung, Park Jin Young

The Devil Judge
PHOTO BY iqiyi

2. The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim (July 30)

Na Woo-soo is your ideal high school dream boy—wealthy, handsome, and smart, he practically has it all. That is, until his perfect life is upended when he crosses paths with 18-year-old Ga Doo-shim, a fellow student born to become a shaman. Upon meeting this extraordinary girl, Woo-soo gains the ability to see ghosts, leading him to team up with Doo-shim as she gets him involved in a web of mysterious cases.

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Starring: Kim Sae Ron, Nam Da Reum, Yoo Sun Ho

The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim
PHOTO BY iqiyi

3. The Road: The Tragedy of One (August 5)

Seo Eun-soo is the wealthy daughter of a chaebol family. She’s also married to Baek Soo-hyun, a well-respected anchorman whose honest reputation in public is secretly sullied by his cold demeanor offscreen. When tragedy strikes at The Royal Hill, an exclusive residential area for Korea’s 1%, Eun-soo vows to do anything she can to keep her loved ones safe from the scandal.


Starring: Ji Jin Hee, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Hye Eun

The Road: The Tragedy of One
PHOTO BY iqiyi

4. Lost (Coming Soon)

An iQiyi original K-drama, Lost follows two dejected adults distraught over the fact that they haven’t amounted to anything in their lives. Bu-jeong is an anxious ghostwriter, while Kang-jae seems to be magnet for danger. When these two kindred souls meet, they pull themselves out of their slumps and help each other heal, despite their 13-year age difference.


Starring: Jeon So Yeon, Ryu Joon Yeol

PHOTO BY iqiyi

5. Yumi’s Cells (Coming Soon)

Based on a webtoon of the same name, Yumi’s Cells centers on Yumi, an ordinary office worker whose love cells, which are personified on the show, fall into a coma after she experiences heartbreak. Enter Goo Woong, a handsome and whip-smart game developer whose charms will breathe life back into Yumi’s system.


Starring: Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Yoo Bi, Park Jin Young

Yumi’s Cells
PHOTO BY iqiyi

6. High Class (Coming Soon)

Yet another drama depicting the seedy lives of Korea’s 1%, High Class is a suspense thriller that revolves around Song Yeo-wool, a lawyer who loses everything after she’s framed for her husband’s murder. Clearing her name proves to be a personal battle for her family’s pride when the snobbish moms at her son’s elite high school propagate rumors against her.


Starring: Cho Yeo Jung, Kim Jee Soo, Park Se Jin

7. Home Town (Coming Soon)

Set in a small town in 1999, this crime thriller follows Choi Hyung-in, a police detective left emotionally and socially paralyzed by his wife’s death caused by a terrorist attack. When he’s asked to investigate a case years later, he begins to suspect that the new incidents might be related to his traumatic past. His search only gets complicated when he meets Jo Jung-hyun, an incarcerated terrorist's sister, in desperate search of her missing niece.

Starring: Yoo Jae Myung, Han Ye Ri, Uhm Tae Goo

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