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5 Korean Movies That Are Perfect for The Holiday Season

'Seongtanjeol jal bonaeyo!'
5 Korean Movies That Are Perfect for The Holiday Season
'Seongtanjeol jal bonaeyo!'

Want your holiday break to feel a little more Korean? Here, we rounded up five movies that'll make the season more exciting for you.

1. Woojoo's Christmas (2016)

When her mother dies, 38-year-old Woojoo (Kim Ji Soo) transforms an antique store into a cafe for her business, where she meets her 19-year-old and 26-year-old selves!

2. The Tower (2012)

It's Christmas Eve and the residents and employees of a luxurious building complex named Tower Sky are trapped when the building erupts into flames. The film's director Kim Joo Hoon shared that The Tower was inspired by real-life events, such as the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.

3. Ryang-kang-do: Merry Christmas, North! (2011)

This one's a satire about typical views when it comes to North Korea. Based on the trailer, a misplaced Christmas gift winds up in the hands of a North Korean boy who dreams of going to the country's capital city, Pyongyang.


4. Happy Ero Christmas (2003)

This comedy tells the story of a cop who falls in love at first sight with a girl who works at a bowling alley. He sets out to woo her, but he has a rival: The boss of a local gang who tries to sleep with Sun Ah before Christmas.

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5. Christmas In August (1998)

Regarded as a classic, this touching movie features a photo studio owner who discovers that he only has a few months left to live. As luck would have it, he finds himself falling in love with a bright and cheerful girl who often visits his shop.

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