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10 Things You Need to Know About "Vincenzo" Actress Jeon Yeo Bin

She only started acting at 26 years old!
10 Things You Need to Know About "Vincenzo" Actress Jeon Yeo Bin
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She only started acting at 26 years old!

Jeon Yeo Bin may be a fresh face for most of us, but the 31-year-old Vincenzo actress—who has been winning over our hearts recently for her portrayal of the sharp-tongued Hong Cha-young in the tvN series—already has quite the repertoire in the K-drama biz. Equipped with glowing praises from both her co-stars Song Joong Ki and Ok Taecyeon, it’s clear that this rising leading lady is the new name to watch out for.

Here are 10 things new fans should know about Jeon Yeo Bin:

Jeon Yeo Bin as Hong Cha Young

1. She’s a Leo.

Yeo Bin is a Leo, born on July 26, 1989 in Gangneung, a city in the province of Gangwon, South Korea.

2. She attended a Women’s University.

Yeo Bin is a Broadcast Entertainment graduate at Dongduk Women’s University. The actress was a diligent star student. She took great advantage of all the classes the school offered, and even sat in on lectures she wasn’t enrolled in. “I thought it would be a shame if I missed the opportunity to learn. There were plenty of times where I was so busy auditing other classes that I missed out on lunch with my friends due to our different timetables,” she said in an interview with Elle Korea. “I think I enjoy having shallow knowledge on a broad variety of subjects.”

Jeon Yeo Bin for Elle Korea

3. She debuted at 26 years old.

Though she dabbled in it while in college, Yeo Bin only took acting seriously after graduating university. He first gig was for a short film titled The Best Director in 2015, which she got after actress and director Moon So Ri personally approached her for the role. Her official feature debut came in the same year with a minor role in the period film The Treacherous, which starred Ju Ji Hoon.

4. She’s best known in Korea for the movie “After My Death.”

Yeo Bin truly got to demonstrate her acting chops in the mystery drama film, After My Death. Still considered a rookie in 2017, the then 28-year-old impressed Korean netizens with her award-winning performance as Young-hee, a young student accused of killing her own classmate. The role put her name on the map and earned her several acting awards and nominations. She was notably hailed as Actress of the Year at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival.

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5. She landed her first lead K-drama role in 2019.

Having appeared more in movies, Yeo Bin’s only TV credit, two years into her debut, was for a supporting role in the 2017 OCN drama titled Save Me. It would take her another two years before finally earning herself a lead role in the romantic comedy Be Melodramatic which came out in 2019. There, she shared the spotlight with two seasoned actresses Chun Woo Hee and Han Ji Eun. Yeo Bin once again proved her worth in the industry after being nominated for Best New Actress at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards for her performance, losing only to Itaewon Class' Kim Da Mi.

6. She vowed to quit acting by the age of 30 had she not met her goals by then.

After entering the acting game in her late 20s, Yeo Bin refused to take any chances. In the same interview with Elle, she revealed that she once promised to quit being an actress if she still couldn’t make a living off it by the age of 30. Despite this, she also didn’t have an alternative job planned had her acting career fallen through. “…that made it all the more stressful. However, the anxiety I felt during that time made me more resilient,” shared Yeo Bin. Thankfully, the actress has been riding a steady rise to success ever since her debut.


7. She prefers to lead a quiet lifestyle.

While she might seem outgoing in interviews, Yeo Bin actually prefers a calm and quiet lifestyle. When asked about what boosts her energy, she revealed that she relies on taking walks or drinking a cup of coffee. Heck, she even finds great enjoyment in washing dishes! “When I do the dishes, I find peace of mind,” she told Elle Korea. In addition to this, the actress also listed watching movies and reading books as part of her hobbies.

Jeon Yeo Bin

8. She hopes to be remembered for her role in "Vincenzo."

It’s no secret that Vincenzo is Yeo Bin’s biggest role so far. After all, apart from having Hallyu actor Song Joong Ki at its helm, the tvN series is also streamable on Netflix to over 100 countries worldwide. Knowing this, Yeo Bin has expressed hopes of being recognized for her character, Hong Cha Young, moving forward. “I’m still not a very familiar face among the public, so it would be nice if she could be so memorable that people would say, ‘Oh, that’s Hong Cha Young!’ when they see me,” admitted the actress during a press conference.

9. She has impressed Song Joong Ki with her acting.

Joong Ki has sung nothing but praises for Yeo Bin ever since Vincenzo aired. As per the veteran actor, Yeo Bin’s type of acting translates into something viewers have never seen before. “Jeon Yeo Bin is an actress whose acting is not only fun to watch, but a kind of acting that hasn’t been seen before,” said Joong Ki.  “As a fellow actor, I’m envious of many aspects [of her talent], and she’s a partner that gives me a lot of motivation.”


Additionally, Yeo Bin’s other Vincenzo co-star, Ok Taecyeon, also applauded the actress during his recent interview with 1st Look Magazine. He remarked "She understands the director's instructions really fast. I kept thinking she's like a sponge. You know, she's cool and attractive."

Jeon Yeo Bin and Song Joong Ki

10. She's on Instagram.

If you want to keep tabs on the actress on social media from here on, you can always hit the follow button on her Instagram account! Her username is @jeon.yeobeen.

Jeon Yeo Bin for Marie Claire
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