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6 K-Dramas to Watch If You're a Fan of Actor Kim Young Dae

6 K-Dramas to Watch If You're a Fan of Actor Kim Young Dae
IMAGE Cheat on Me If You Can/KBS2, Sh**ting Stars/tvN, Extraordinary You/MBC
The actor is best known for starring in "The Penthouse" and "Sh**ting Stars."

Every now and then, a fresh face pops onto our screens and becomes the next K-drama actor we just can't help but obsess over. Such is the case with Kim Young Dae, whose portrayals in rom-coms like Sh**ting Stars and Extraodinary You have topped Netflix trending lists while making our hearts flutter. For someone who just debuted last 2019, the 26-year-old has already made quite the mark in the industry, getting to call the likes of Lee Sung Kyung and Park Ju Hyun as his leading ladies. 

If you're hankering for a marathon of Young Dae's best work (so far), scroll through the catalogue below:

6 K-dramas Starring Kim Young Dae

1. Extraordinary You (2019)

Watch on: Netflix, Viu, Viki, iQiyi

Eun Dan-oh (Kim Hye Yoon) is just another teenage girl making her way through high school. She soon realizes that she's actually living within a comic book, where "The Writer" has situated her as a side character that will eventually die of a fatal disease.


Her classmates, Oh Nam-joo (Young Dae) and Yeo Joo-da (Lee Na Eun), are the protagonists of the story, and are likely the only ones who will experience a happy ending. Dan-oh disagrees with her narrative, and finds a way to switch up her fate.

Also starring: Rowoon, Lee Jae Wook, Jung Gun Joo, Lee Tae Ri

2. When the Weather Is Fine (2020)

Watch on: Viki, iQiyi

A series of unfortunate events pushes cello teacher Mok Hae-won (Park Min Young) to retreat to the provincial village she once called home. There, she encounters some familiar faces, such as former schoolmates Oh Young-woo (Young Dae), Lee Jang-woo (Lee Jae Wook), and Kim Bo-young (Im Se Mi).

She also reunites with Im Eun-seob (Seo Kang Joon), her first love who now owns a local bookstore. Through the cold of winter, the two warm up to one another as they catch up on lost time. 

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Also starring: Kim Hwan Hee, Moon Jeong Hee, Yang Hye Ji

3. Cheat on Me If You Can (2020) 

Watch on: Viki, Viu

The nation can't get enough of Kang Yeo-joo (Cho Yeo Jeong) and the novels she authors. Her compelling stories usually conclude with an immoral male character meeting their demise, which makes people expect that her husband, attorney Han Woo-sung (Go Jun), is always on his toes. Yeo-joo even goes as far as writing a memorandum to him that staes "Cheat on me, if you can."

In his line of work, attorney Han works with National Intelligence Security agents in hiding, such as Cha Soo-ho (Young Dae), who poses as a regular clerk at a convenience store.

Also starring: Yeonwoo, Song Ok Sook, Hong Soo Hyun, Lee Si Eon

4. The Penthouse: War in Life (2020)

Watch on: Netflix, Viu, Viki, iQiyi

The affluent residents of Seoul's Hera Palace are all ruthless when it comes to protecting their respective kin. The Joo family, comprised of businessman Dan-tae (Uhm Ki Joon), Su-ryeon (Lee Ji Ah), and their kids Seok-hoon (Young Dae) and Seok-kyung (Han Ji Hyun), is particularly one that conceals secrets beneath their glamorous displays of wealth. When an unexpected death occurs on their premises, the Hera Palace homeowners grow suspicious of one another.


Also starring: Cheon Seo Jin, Oh Yoon Hee, Na Ae Kyo

5. Sh**ting Stars (2022)

Watch on: Netflix, Viu, Viki, iQiyi, weTV

Young actor Gong Tae-sung (Young Dae) is adored by fangirls everywhere. He's currently signed with talent agency Star Force Entertainment, where the sprightly and diligent Oh Han-byul (Lee Sung Kyung) handles everything concerning public relations.

The two have a love-hate relationship, but even if they don't see eye to eye all the time, Han-byul's really the only one that can get Tae-sung out of his slumps.

Also starring: Yoon Jang Hoon, Kim Yoon Hye, Lee Jung Shin, Park So Jin

6. The Forbidden Marriage (2022)

Scarred by the untimely passing of his crown princess and supposed wife, King Lee Heon (Young Dae) orders an indefinite ban on marriages in Joseon. So-rang (Park Ju Hyun), a cunning scammer, attempts to outsmart the royal by claiming that she can be possessed by the spirit of his deceased lover.


Also starring: Kim Woo Seok, Kim Min Ju, Hong Si Young

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