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10 K-Dramas and Movies to Watch If You Love Kim Woo Bin

Did you know he once shot a movie in the Philippines?
10 K-Dramas and Movies to Watch If You Love Kim Woo Bin
IMAGE Uncontrollably Fond/KBS2, Our Blues/TVN, The Heirs/SBS
Did you know he once shot a movie in the Philippines?

It’s no secret that award-winning actor Kim Woo Bin is well-loved by the audiences—especially in the PH. Just look at the number of his tagalized K-dramas that made him a familiar face in the local scene! May it be his good looks, towering figure, cool demeanor, incredible acting, or his charming personality, Woo Bin always finds his way through our hearts time and again. As he bounces back with his latest projects following his recovery, let’s fill the anticipation by looking at his repertoire of equally daring, hilarious, and swoon-worthy characters! 

Here Are 10 Movies and TV Shows Starring Kim Woo Bin:


Friend: The Great Legacy / Friend 2 (2013)

A sequel to the high-grossing 2001 action film Friend, Friend 2 puts a different spin on Woo Bin’s character Sung-hoon. Having a rough childhood, Sung-hoon became a gang member and is now imprisoned for brawling with other gangs. During the time he's locked up, he forges a connection with Joon-suk, an older inmate sentenced for 18 years. This friendship eventually cracks as the truth comes out, unraveling the link between Joon-suk and the death of Sung-hoon’s father. 


Also starring: Yu Oh Seong, Joo Jin Mo

The Con Artists (2014)

Woo Bin’s signature sly grin takes center stage in this 2014 action film, bringing to life expert safecracker Lee Ji-hyuk. His cunning antics brings him into trouble with Cho, a powerful gang boss who forces him to run for his life. The crazy mix of mind games, high-end looting, and explosion-filled scenes ultimately challenges Ji-hyuk’s wits, making the film all the more exciting!  

Also starring: Lee Hyun Woo, Ko Chang Seok

Twenty (2015)

Watch on: Amazon Prime

There’s no doubt that Woo Bin’s good looks can make a lot of women swoon—an asset embodied by his rich, playboy alter ego Cha Chi-ho on Twenty! In this rom-com flick, three friends, freshly turned 20, go on the wackiest adventures to seize their youth and find romance.

Also starring: Lee Junho, Kang Ha Neul

Master (2016) 

Watch on: Amazon Prime

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Woo Bin’s enigmatic aura is indeed a foolproof quality that lands him action-packed roles. In this case, he brings it to the forefront as he plays Park Jang-gun, a software genius behind a massive fraud case. Together with his accomplices in One Network, their swindling schemes lead to a national financial crisis, catching the attention of an intelligence crime investigation unit. This eventually results into a wild chase in the streets of downtown Manila. Yup, you read that right, Woo Bin already graced our shores as early as 2016! 

Also starring: Lee Byung Hun, Gang Dong Won


White Christmas (2011) 

In this eight-part drama thriller, a series of mysterious deaths shroud a secluded private high school. Keen on solving the cases, psychiatrist Kim San-kyung plays a game with the students, which then slowly unravels both the good and evil nature of adolescents. Woo Bin takes part in the show with a supporting stint as Kang Mi-reu, his debut role on the small screen.    


Also starring: Kim Sang Kyung, Baek Sung Hyun

A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012)

If you’re into the Boys Over Flowers narrative, then this drama may be for you! Going through love, career, and serendipitous mishaps, A Gentleman’s Dignity spices things up by starring four men in their forties and their gleaming zest for life. Woo Bin plays a supporting role as Kim Dong-hyub, a troublesome and lovestruck student who harbors a crush on his teacher. In case you’ve heard of this drama before, it’s probably because you got a glimpse of its tagalized version by TV network ABS-CBN in 2012! 

Also starring: Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ha Neul

School 2013 (2012) 

Watch on: Viki

Considered as one of Woo Bin’s breakthrough dramas, School 2013 brilliantly tackles the struggles of Korean students in the modern day through a small classroom in Victory High School. He enters the drama as Park Heung-soo, an intimidating transferee with a violent past. Albeit one of the numerous lead actors, his portrayal of Heung-soo was impactful, captivating viewers with the help of his voice, build, and overall charisma! The series also became a reunion project for him and Lee Jong Suk, a longtime buddy of his since their modeling days. 


Also starring: Lee Jong Suk, Park Se Young

The Heirs (2013) 

Watch on: Viki, Viu 

Back in 2014, Filipino K-drama fans nursed a second lead syndrome in this rom-com as it aired on weeknights in the PH! The Heirs follows the story of Kim Tan, a handsome heir to a large conglomerate, Jeguk Group, who meets the hardworking Cha Eun-sang while he’s studying in the U.S. After a significant amount of time, the two cross paths in Korea once again as they slowly start to develop feelings for each other. Adding flair to the star-crossed romance is Woo Bin’s Choi Young-do, an arrogant heir who pesters Eun-sang, but ends up growing a fondness for her too.    

Also starring: Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye

Uncontrollably Fond (2016) 

Watch on: Netflix, Viki, Viu 

Woo Bin’s project with Bae Suzy before his hiatus in 2016 turned out to be another Asianovela hit! Estranged childhood friends Shin Joo-young and Noh Eul reunite as adults to shoot a documentary. Joo-young is now a famous actor-singer, while Noh Eul ended up becoming a producer. Sparks fly as they film the documentary featuring Joo-young, winning each other’s hearts, one angle at a time.


Also starring: Bae Suzy, Lim Ju Hwan

Our Blues (2022) 

Watch on: Netflix

Woo Bin’s newest drama ushers us into the glistening waters of Jeju Island, a setting that complements his refreshing comeback!  Taking on an omnibus style story, Our Blues showcases the intertwined lives of the residents of Jeju Island. Lee Dong-suk, a truck seller born and raised in the province, meets Min Sun-ah, a mysterious girl who finds solace in the island. On the other hand, Lee Young-ok, a bubbly diver, enamors Park Jung-joon, an aloof ship captain. Real-life lovers Min Ah and Woo Bin might have been paired with other stars, but it’s okay, we still can’t wait to see them in one series either way!

Also starring: Shin Min Ah, Lee Byung Hun, Han Ji Min

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