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11 K-Dramas and Movies to Watch if You Love "Our Beloved Summer" Actor Kim Sung Cheol

Here's where you can catch more of this talented actor.
11 K-Dramas and Movies to Watch if You Love "Our Beloved Summer" Actor Kim Sung Cheol
IMAGE Vincenzo/TVN, Our Beloved Summer/SBS, Sweet Home/Netflix
Here's where you can catch more of this talented actor.

Even with limited screen time, Korean star Kim Sung Cheol sure can still prove that he’s an actor of pure talent. Don’t believe us? Check out his appearance as the lovable Hwang Min-seong in Vincenzo, where watching him fall in love with someone else made us fall in love with him too! You can also catch him in another cameo in Hospital Playlist. However, in case you’re among the many folks who just can't get enough of his exceptional charm and acting skills, we've got just the selection for you!

Here are 11 K-dramas and movies starring Kim Sung Cheol:

TV Shows

1. Our Beloved Summer (2022)

Watch on: Netflix

Our Beloved Summer is a romantic comedy centered on the relationship of past-lovers Gook Yeon-soo and Choi Ung. Years after breaking up and promising to never take part in each other’s lives ever again, they are forced to participate in a documentary together. Sung Cheol plays Kim Ji-ung, Choi Ung’s best friend and producer of the said documentary, who actually has a secret crush on Yeon-soo.


Also starring: Choi Woo Shik, Kim Da Mi

2. Do You Like Brahms? (2020)

Watch on: Netflix and Viu

Inspired by the true love story between German musicians Johannes Brahms and Clara Schumann, this poignant drama gives us everything we need for a successful tear-jerker: romance, dreams, and classical music. Still, its heartwarming message about life makes it a drama worthy to be one’s comfort show. Sung Cheol is once again involved in a love triangle as he stars as Han Hyun-ho, a role that required him to learn the cello.

Also starring: Kim Min Jae, Park Eun Bin

3. The Wind Blows (2019)

Watch on: YouTube (KBS World TV)

This heartfelt melodrama follows the story of Kwon Do-hoon, a man who divorced his wife, Lee Soo-jin, after learning that he's suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The plot thickens when they meet again five years later, developing a beautiful take on heartaches and sacrifices in a relationship. Sung Cheol plays the role of Bryan Jung, a friend of Soo-jin’s brother who helps her with her situation.

Recommended Videos

 Also starring: Kam Woo Sung, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Ga Eun

4. To. Jenny (2018)

Watch on: YouTube (KBS World TV)

Park Jung-min, played by Sung Cheol, is a shy convenience store clerk and aspiring singer-songwriter. He aims to express his unrequited feelings to his first love, Kwon Na-ra. The humorous interactions and light-hearted songs make this drama a must-watch if you’re looking to fill your day with good vibes. With only two episodes, To. Jenny is the perfect example of a “short but sweet” treat.

 Also starring: Jung Chae Yeon


5. Arthdal Chronicles (2019)

Watch on: Netflix

Arthdal Chronicles is an ancient fantasy drama set in a fictional land called Arth. With each character forging their own path towards their own goals, this captivating production provides a spellbinding approach on themes like power struggles, heroism, romance, and more. Lead character Eun-som, however, is focused on his main mission of bringing his ancient civilization back to life. Here, Sung Cheol plays the unpredictable persona of Is-paeng, a slave who works with Eun-seom in the mines.


Also starring: Jang Dong Gun, Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won, Kim Ok Bin

6. Prison Playbook (2017)

Watch on: Netflix and Viu

Days before a major turning point for his baseball career, Kim Je-hyuk is put behind bars for defending his sister from sexual assault. Centered on everything that went on around him during his stay in prison, including the stories of the duty officers in charge, Prison Playbook offers a great harmony between dark comedy and deep life lessons worth noting. This semi-light-hearted drama features Sung Cheol’s breakout role as Kim Young-cheol, also known as “Jailbird”. He is the first person to become friends with Je-hyuk in prison.

Also starring: Park Hae Soo, Jung Kyung Ho

7. Sweet Home

Watch on: Netflix

This webtoon-based drama begins just as a frightening apocalypse threatens mankind. As humans start turning into monsters, a reticent loner and his new neighbors must band together and fight off the hoard of violent creatures coming at them in order to survive. Sung Cheol plays Jung Wooi-myung in the series, a man who soon turns into a vicious monster.


Also starring: Song Kang, Lee Do Hyun, Lee Si Young, Go Min Si


8.  Search Out (2020)

Joon-hyuk, Sung Cheol’s character, is a police officer-in-training. After one of his neighbors takes her own life, he receives a mysterious message on social media which causes a stir in the incident's investigation process. He then decides to team up with a hacker and a job hunter to solve the mysterious case on their own.

 Also starring: Heo Ga Yoon, Lee Si Eon

9. The Battle of Jangsari (2019)

This action-packed film tells the true story of the diversionary operation at Jangsari beach during the Korean War. It involved a group of 772 student soldiers whose ages averaged to just 17 years old. Among the young men who bravely joined the battle in this thrilling movie is Kim Ha-ryun as played by Sung Cheol.

Also starring: Kim Myung Min, Minho, Megan Fox, Lee Ho Jung

10. Too Hot to Die (2018)

Too Hot to Die is a comedy film about three men and a woman determined to put an end to their unhappy lives. They eventually change their minds, though, when they get to know each other a little better and form deeper connections. Among the three men is Sung Cheol’s character, Doo-seok, a student struggling in school.


Also starring: Kim In Kwon, Jung Sang Hoon, Son Dam Bi

11. Kim Ji-young: Born 1982 (2019)

Watch on: Netflix

Adapted from Cho Nam Joo’s novel of the same name, this realistic drama follows the life of Kim Ji-young, a mother in her 30s who suddenly acts strangely out of nowhere. She is suspected to be possessed by her late mother and older sister, causing changes in the lives of the people around her.

This movie sheds light on the everyday hardships and accomplishments of marriage and motherhood through an intimate, slice-of-life lens for the audience. In this heart-wrenching story, Sung Cheol plays the role of Kim Ji-seok, proving how much of a versatile actor he truly is. If you’re planning to watch this film anytime soon, make sure to bring a box of tissues with you as it’s bound to hit you right in the feels.

Also starring: Jung Yu Mi, Gong Yoo


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