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Did You Know? Kim Min Kyu Almost Became a Member of K-Pop Group Seventeen

We can totally see him as a K-pop idol!
Did You Know? Kim Min Kyu Almost Became a Member of K-Pop Group Seventeen
IMAGE Business Proposal/SBS, TWITTER/pledis_17
We can totally see him as a K-pop idol!

Business Proposal star Kim Min Kyu certainly has the looks to pass for a K-pop idol, but did you know that he actually once trained to become one?

In a recent guesting for MBC’s Radio Star, Min Kyu revealed that he was an idol trainee for a brief period, before pursuing his acting dreams. He mentioned that he was working on debuting with a group, alongside some of the current members of Seventeen.

“I don’t know if I would have necessarily been in that group, but there are people that I trained together with. They’re Seventeen,” said the actor.


The stint didn't last long, though. After just a month of training, Min Kyu eventually called it quits on his idol journey.  He explained, “I wasn’t extremely good at singing to the extent of becoming a singer, and I’m really bad at dancing. I also had a thirst for acting that never went away.”

Luckily, Min Kyu hasn’t completely put singing on the back burner. Fans can still swoon at recordings of his voice through the drama OSTs he’s put out: Drawing Paper for Special Law on Romance (2017), and Answer for Drunk in Good Taste (2018).

The actor also appeared as a contestant on the Korean game show I Can See Your Voice back in 2017. You have to listen to his live singing below!

After catapulting to global recognition thanks to his role on Business Proposal, Min Kyu was recently cast as the lead star of High Priest Rembrary. Ironically, it’s a fantasy romance drama that finds Min Kyu as an otherworldly being who inhabits the body of an unknown K-pop idol named Woo Yeon-woo. Talk about a full-circle moment!

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