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10 Must-Watch K-Dramas That You'll Definitely Enjoy If You're a Music Lover

Curious about the idol life or the music industry in general? Add these dramas to your watchlist!
10 Must-Watch K-Dramas That You'll Definitely Enjoy If You're a Music Lover
IMAGE Dream High/KBS, Top Management/YOUTUBE
Curious about the idol life or the music industry in general? Add these dramas to your watchlist!

An underrated genre in the K-drama world definitely involves those that revolve around music. South Korea itself is a nation that has a strong and eminent music industry that’s rich with talent, so it comes as no surprise that there are a handful of dramas that tackle exactly that. Their selection of TV shows isn’t just limited to the likes of idol groups either, because you can also find riveting dramas on classical musicians as well, if that’s more your speed.

With that said, if you’re stuck in a K-drama rut and are looking for a new genre to branch out to, here are 10 dramas about music that are worth a watch!

1. Dream High

Watch on: Netflix, Viki 

Kirin High School is a performing arts institution that’s home to individuals striving to become the next big superstars. Dream High centers around the lives of six students, who are all seemingly talented in their own ways, as they struggle to make their dreams of debuting in the industry into a reality.


Starring: Bae Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, Ok Taec Yeon, IU, Ham Eun Jung, Jang Woo Young

2. Entertainer 

Watch on: Viu, Viki

After quitting his role as a director for Top Entertainment Company, Shin Suk-ho begins to work towards his goal of establishing his own company. In the midst of a conflict that arises after he terminated his contract with his previous job, he gets involved in a scheme which results in his incarceration. Shortly after his release, he meets Ha-neul, a student with a lot of singing potential but is on the verge of suicide after a sexual harassment claim. Suk-ho then takes him in with the goal of turning him into a star along with a few other rookie band members. 

Starring: Ji Sung, Lee Hye Ri, Kang Min Hyuk, Chae Jung An

3. The Liar and His Lover

Watch on: Netflix, Viki

Based on a Japanese manga, Kang Hang-gyul is a brilliant music composer living a secret identity. Yoon So-rim is a singer with a mesmerizing voice that intrigues Hang-gyul. The two, who share a passion for music, eventually cross paths and begin to fall in love, but will the truth about Hang-gyul’s real self get the best of him and their blooming relationship?

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Starring: Lee Hyun Woo, Park Soo Young, Lee Jung Jin, Lee Seo Won

4. Page Turner 

 Watch on: Viu, Viki

Page Turner follows the life of an award-winning piano prodigy, Yoo-seul, who’s unfortunately stuck under the control of her own unfulfilled mother. Her whole life changes when she’s involved in a tragic accident that causes her to go blind. In the face of her disability, she meets two very different boys who help her start a new life.

Starring: Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Shin Jae Ha

5. Top Management

Watch on: YouTube Premium

Stricken with the mysterious ability to see the future, former idol trainee Eun-sung uses her gift to become a manager and help S.O.U.L., a struggling male group, to make it big in the industry. 

Starring: Seo Eun Soo, Ahn Hyo Seop, Cha Eun Woo, Jung Yoo Ahn, Bang Jae Min

6. Do You Like Brahms?

Watch on: Viu, Viki


Paving her own way in life, Song-ah chases her dreams and decides to attend a music school, despite the disapproval of her family. Coincidentally, it’s the same university where she initially took up a business degree. As she navigates through her new path, she meets Joon-young, a beloved piano prodigy who’s starting to doubt the importance of his dwindling career. Together, the two meet through mutual friends and end up finding comfort in each other amid their own struggles.

Starring: Kim Min Jae, Park Eun Bin, Park Ji Hyun, Kim Sung Chul

7. You’re Beautiful

Watch on: Netflix, Viki

Ko Mi-nyeo and Ko Mi-nam are orphaned shortly after their father’s death. Despite being twins, the two seem to be complete polar opposites. As adults, Ko Mi-nam is an aspiring male idol while Mi-nyeo is on her way to becoming a nun. After Mi-nam gets accepted to join the band A.N. Jell, he gets sent by his agency abroad to correct his badly-done plastic surgery. In his place, his manager asks Mi-nyeo to pose as him for a while. Things come to a head as Mi-nyeo struggles to keep her real identity hidden while trying to get along with her brother’s new band members.


Starring: Park Shin Hye, Jang Keun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Gi

8. When the Devil Calls Your Name

 Watch on: Viu, Viki

Songwriter Ha-rib seems to have it all–success, wealth, and talent. Unbeknownst to everyone else, he actually has a dark secret: He sold his soul in exchange for his fame. As his contract with the devil comes to a close, he begins to realize the true expense of his actions. 

Starring: Song Kang, Jung Kyung Ho, Lee Seol, Park Sung Woong

 9. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Watch on: Netflix 

Born with a silver spoon, pianist Go Ra-ra experiences a series of unfortunate events which lead to her financial downfall. Opposite her, Sun Woo-joon is an ordinary, carefree guy merely trying to make ends meet. Despite their differences, the pair encounter each other at La La Land, a small piano academy in the countryside, and help each other get back on their feet. 


Starring: Go Ah Ra, Lee Jae Wook, Kim Joo Heon, Ye Ji Won

10. Heartstrings

Watch on: Netflix, Viki

In an attempt to live up to her family’s big expectations, Lee Kyu-won attends university and trains to become a traditional music prodigy to fulfill her grandfather’s wishes. Along the way, she crosses paths with the aloof Lee-shin who studies at the same university with her and is the lead vocalist of a prominent band “The Stupid.” Both charmed by each other’s presence, the lives of these polar opposite individuals begin to change when they both start developing feelings for one another. 

Starring: Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, So Yi Hyun, Song Chang Eui 

PHOTO BY HeartStrings/SBS

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