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These Are Kathryn Bernardo and Sofia Andres' Dream Jobs if They Weren't Celebrities

Kathryn was surprised to hear Sofia's dream career path!
These Are Kathryn Bernardo and Sofia Andres' Dream Jobs if They Weren't Celebrities
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Kathryn was surprised to hear Sofia's dream career path!

With love teams and even without, Kathryn Bernardo and Sofia Andres are two of the most popular stars in their generation. Fans have always loved seeing these two onscreen, whether in the same projects or not. But have you ever wondered where they would be if they weren't the celebrities they are now?


Kathryn Bernardo and Sofia Andres on their dream jobs

In one of her recent YouTube videos, Kathryn asked Sofia if she has a different career path she wanted to take aside from being an actress. As it turns out, she has a dream job that totally surprised Kath. Sofia shared that she actually wants to be a pilot! "Kasi noong bata ako, niregaluhan ako ng dad ko ng parang manual ng airplane, so I was just reading that every night before I sleep kasi sobrang interesado ako sa kanya," Sofia shared.

Kathryn was surprised to hear Sofia's answer because she never knew that Sofia had that interest. "Alam mo yung in-expect kong answer mo? Parang car racer," Kathryn said. ICYDK, Sofia tried car racing before, having participated in the 2018 Vios Cup. But, unfortunately, Sofia shared that it was through car racing that she discovered her claustrophobia. She actually fainted in the middle of racing because of panic and feeling closed off inside the car, while wearing full gear and helmet.

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But aside from becoming a pilot, Sofia is also interested in interior design. Kathryn even shared that Sofia is actually good at painting, too!

As for Kathryn, she wanted to be a makeup artist if she wasn't an actress. One of her ultimate idols is makeup artist Denise Go Ochoa (Fun fact: She first got to work with Denise when she was just six years old!). Magui Ford, Daniel's younger sister, even shared that she learned all about makeup from Kathryn. "What if 'di naman ako yung on-cam? Parang behind the cam," Kathryn says of her dream job. If she ever resumes college, Kathryn says that she'd like to take up Marketing or Communications, or any course that would still allow her to work in media, but on the other side of the camera.

Even though they're past the conventional college stage, Kathryn says that it's never too late for both of them to pursue their dream careers. Kathryn even said that she's at that life stage where she actually doesn't know what she wants to do in the future, so she's very open with trying new things. Tbh, that can be applicable for us, too!


Watch Kathryn's YouTube video with Sofia here:


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