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Kathryn Bernardo Recalls a Time a Director Made Her Cry After Failing to Deliver Her Exact Lines

It's a ruthless industry, even for established actors.
Kathryn Bernardo Recalls a Time a Director Made Her Cry After Failing to Deliver Her Exact Lines
IMAGE Barcelona/Star Cinema, INSTAGRAM/bernardokath
It's a ruthless industry, even for established actors.

It might seem glamorous on the red carpet but acting is rough business. The pressure to perform well is only heightened by meticulous directors who expect nothing but their exact vision on camera.

In a recent video to promote her upcoming film A Very Good Girl, Kathryn Bernardo revealed that even established stars in the industry are no exception to this pressure. During a fun game of "Never Have I Ever" with her castmates, they were asked if a director has ever made them cry on set. 

All four participants, including Dolly de Leon, Kaori Oinuma, and Nour Hooshmand answered “I Have.” On Kathryn’s end, the incident happened in Barcelona for the shoot of the movie Barcelona: A Love Untold. As per Kathryn, Director Olivia Lamasan, or Inang as she calls her, had handwritten a script for an important, emotional scene that she then had Kathryn memorize. When it was time to film it, however, the actress admitted to changing the lines a little bit, which didn’t sit well with the seasoned director who’d expected her to deliver it word for word.

PHOTO BY BarCelona/Star Cinema

Hindi nakunan yun sa Barcelona because nagalit siya. Super umiyak ako kasi super na-upset siya,” recounted Kathryn, admitting she felt ashamed that she’d caused a delay in filming. “Takot ako ‘pag may sumisigaw,” she added when explaining why she'd sobbed hard at what happened. 

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Instead of scrapping the scene, Kathryn was given another chance to memorize her lines exactly as written. In the end, it had to be shot in Manila instead. “I made sure memorize ko hanggang comma [at] period. I cried so bad.”

The film ended up grossing over P300 million in the box office. It was also nominated for multiple awards and won Best Picture at the 65th FAMAS Awards.

Golden Globe nominee Dolly de Leon also experienced her fair share of “terror” directors in the past, although it happened when she was still a young thespian in college. “Lahat ng directors namin (sa plays) pinaiyak ako,” she recalled. According to Dolly, yelling and calling actors names were the “old-school” ways directors did things. But the four stars also agreed that the environment, for the most part, was much healthier now.

Kathryn and Dolly’s thrilling revenge film A Very Good Girl will premiere in cinemas on September 27. You can read more about fan reactions to the film’s teaser trailer here.

PHOTO BY A Very Good Girl/ABS-CBN Star Cinema


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