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Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards on Career, Love, and Friendship

by Maura Rodriguez | Aug 2, 2019

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards prove that magic really does happen in movies, and that an on-screen romance can lead to something more: a lasting friendship.

Walking into a studio and seeing Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo outside of their respective love teams felt both surreal and refreshing. Both coming from different fandoms–AlDub and KathNiel, in case you don't already know–to unite for their new film Hello, Love, Goodbye, the two actors found it natural and easy to become good friends and to capitalize on that newfound friendship to showcase great on-screen chemistry. Two days after the movie premiere, film director Cathy Garcia-Molina’s ambitious network-bridging film is already a box office success—Hello, Love, Goodbye grossed almost P35 million on its opening day alone. But apart from being a blockbuster hit, the movie is in a league of its own as a modern-day OFW romance that’s intelligently insightful, immensely heart-wrenching, and surprisingly funny.


Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards for

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards for

Fully aware of how this out-of-the-box project has managed to make opposing networks collide and two star-crossed actors meet, Preview had lead stars Alden and Kathryn interview each other for the very first time. Find out what they thought of each other during their first day on set, their most memorable experiences while filming, and what surprised them the most about working together.

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Preview: Hi, Alden and Kathryn! We’ve prepared a set of questions for you both to ask each other about your new film and working together for the first time. Maybe you can go first, Kath?

Kathryn to Alden: Okay. What did you feel when you found out we were going to work together? What were the first thoughts that entered your head?

Alden: Hindi mind?

K: Pwede din! And soul.

A: Syempre na-excite ako and parang challenge as well kasi it was going to be my first time working with someone from [ABS-CBN]. And inisip ko, how can I adjust? Kasi basically I was going to adjust to the team and crew, kasi sila [Kath and Direk Cathy] magkakasama na sila for quite some time. This team; they’ve already done a movie before. Ako yung bago. Kabado talaga ako sobra. Hindi lang halata. During the story con, I was so nervous. Dream ko talaga makagawa ng Star Cinema film. It’s one of my best decisions this year to do Hello, Love, Goodbye.


A: So Ms. Kathryn Bernardo–or Katring, sabi nga ng daddy mo–do you remember our first day on set?

K: Yes, I do! Yung first scene na mapapanood nila sa movie, yun yung first scene natin together. It was at night, so late call ka. Wala na masyadong rehearsal, so nag-take kami kaagad kasi gusto ni Direk Cathy makita yung

A: Organic reaction!

K: Yes. The reaction of meeting a stranger and kung paano namin tatantsahin yung isa’t isa.


P: So what was your first impression of him during that scene?

K: Ako kasi yung mas na-conscious sa first scene namin. Kasi super pawis ako nun

A: 'Kala naman niya mandidiri ako.

K: Kasi galing ako sa basura. I just came from a scene like that… Basta nakakahiya lumapit. So ako yung mas na-conscious, and mahirap yung scene na yun.

A: Si Kath kasi sobrang malinis sa katawan. Parang feeling niya lagi pag meron siyang konting dumi, people will judge her. And during that scene, feeling niya I will judge her. That scene was very hard for her.

K: Super naka-concentrate ako sa scene na yun. But I guess my first impression…you’re very careful. You were very careful and super respectful.

K: What was your most memorable experience on set?

A: Every day is always memorable. I really banked all those memories kasi dream project ko 'to and dream role ko din siya at the same time. Tapos yung mga experiences on set, talagang precious siya sakin. Especially when we shoot, and then after we shoot we eat together. Kasi it was a difficult shoot for us, especially abroad and we’re only a small group of 20 people including the crew. But I always say, kung hindi mahirap, hindi masaya. Dun mo masusukat yung attitude ng lahat ng taong involved dun sa work.


K: So what was different about filming this time compared to other projects you’ve done in the past? Can you share an example?

A: Well actually…

K: Yung honest answer.

A: Every project that I do, I have a unique experience while doing it. But the thing about this is that it’s my first time working with Star Cinema, with you and Direk Cathy, and siguro it’s the pressure. Yung pressure na makasabay ako sa level of creativity ng mga tao on set. Yun yung naging challenge sa akin dito. Kitang-kita ko yung dedication ng lahat—from the director down to the staff and crew. And then there’s the pressure I put on myself. I kept telling myself, “If you’re not going to do your job, mapapag-iwanan ka. And people will see that you’re taking your job for granted.” Mas na-doble yung pressure on me dito sa project na ’to.


A: Kathryn, was it difficult to work with someone from a different network?

K: No. Hindi ako nahirapan. In-expect ko na mahihirapan ako kasi mag-a-adjust ako. Pero mabilis ako naging comfortable sa'yo. Siguro mahirap lang [sa start] kasi tatantsahin niyo how you’ll work together.

A: What surprised you most about working with me?

K: I guess… the fact that we became friends? Kasi matagal akong mag warm-up sa tao, especially sa guys. I don’t know, pero mabilis naman tayo naging friends. And that naka-adjust ako kaagad sa atin, surprisingly. So, thank you.


A: You’re welcome!

K: So what surprised you the most about me?

A: Hindi siya mahirap katrabaho

P: I think you should look at each other while interviewing. So it’ll feel more natural. The rapport will be different, don’t you think?

A: Ang hirap kasi!

K: It’s so weird! Ang awkward!

A: Ano ba ’to parang compliment battle?!

K: Oo, parang ganun! Grabe sobrang galing mo talaga

A: Don’t say that! Hindi ka kasi mahirap katrabahoang awkward!

K: Kadiri!

A: But okay, I guess… I’m the kind of person that doesn’t want to give people a hard time. So ako yung nag-a-adjust most of the time—

K: So nag-adjust ka sa'kin?!

A: Hindi, hindi! I mean, since I’m so used to adjusting all the time or most of the time, ang gaan-gaan lang ng pakiramdam ko na this time hindi ako masyado nag-adjust. Actually, hindi ako nag-adjust. I just came into this project as myself. This is me and tinanggap nila akotinanggap mo lang ako.


A: So what do you think your fans will say when they watch the movie?

K: Feeling ko they’ll be really happy. Siguro both our fans will be happy din kasi they’ll feel proud of me, and especially sa’yo

A: More sa’yo!

K: I think it’ll open a lot of opportunities for you as an actor, kasi magaling ka. Totoo! Your fans will be proud. Excited ako makita ’to ng mga fans natin kasi hindi nila makikita si Alden and Kathryn sa movie na ’to.


A: Wala, wala, makikita nila si Ethan and Joy.

K: How are you and your character the same?

A: Honestly, ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng role na sobrang walang kinalaman sa personal life ko.

K: Ah, super layo!

A: Ang layo. Ang hirap niyang gawin. Most of the time si Direk Cathy yung umalalay sakin.

K: So kahit konti walang similarities between you and Ethan?

A: Siguro yung persistency? Persistent, makulit.

K: Pero sa babae?

A: Hindi. Maybe dun sa pagiging persistent na makuha niya yung gusto niya. But 80 percent, he’s so different from me. Stick to one girl ako.

K: Si Ethan kasi para siyang [playboy].

A: Hindi ako [playboy]. Si Ethan kasi kahit gaano siya ka-kulit and maloko sa real life, ako naman medyo maloko pero hindi sa parehong aspect, pero pareho kaming honest and sincere. That’s the same.


A: What makes you and your character different?

K: Super layo ko naman kay Joy! Hindi ako ganun sa mga tao. Super layo niya sakin. Kaya siguro nahirapan ako. Kasi introvert si Joy. Feeling ko kasi ako halo. ’Tsaka mas gusto ko kasi yung nilalabas yung nararamdaman ko. I don’t want to bottle up my feelings.

A: Malayo talaga sa’yo si Joy.

K: Kung paano siya magsalita, manamit, kung paano siya magrelate sa taoiba, iba ako. Hindi ako ganun kaya wala talagang similarities.


P: If you can ask each other one question, what would it be?

A: ’Eto with sense ’to. Anong aspect ng showbiz has made you stay in this industry? After being here for the longest time since you were a kid. Bakit pag-a-artista?

K: Siguro nag-stay ako kasi ang dami ko pang gustong gawin? At saka parang this is my home.

A: It’s your calling?

K: Yes, I feel at home especially when I act. And with our job, hindi siya dumadali. So I always feel challenged. And I love my work! Kaya kahit gaano siya kahirap, nandito parin ako.

A: Kaya nandito pa rin si Ms. Kathryn Bernardo.

K: Okay, my turn. About love life. Bakit hindi ka pa humahanap ng magpapasaya sa’yo sa ngayon?

A: Wow, napaka-gandang question. Siguro kasi, I don’t know. Maybe people, or especially yung mga taong nali-link sa akin, they don’t really understand me and to choose to be with me when I’m here.


K: In the industry? In show biz?

A: Yes. I’m so tired of hearing people belittling my work. Parang they always say, “Palaging nagtratrabaho, walang time sa sarili, hindi nag-e-enjoy.” Wala pa akong naririnig na nagsasabi sa’kin, “It’s okay, I understand.” Lahat tingin sa ginagawa ko mali. Parang they think my life isn’t normal, which is something I don’t appreciate. Kasi in a way, it’s like they’re saying...

K: They don’t understand you.

A: Yes, hindi nila ako naiintindihan.

K: Unless artista din siya.

A: Unless artista or basta completely maiintindihan ka. Ang hirap kasi ngayon; ang hirap mag-adjust. I’ve been working for so long and it’s become my comfort zone. Magiging unfair sa ka-partner ko if she’ll make me choose kung trabaho or siya.

K: Pero kung naintindihan ka, or may dumating na girl na sasabihin “gets ko,” ganyan. Go na?


A: She’s the one!

K: So if you’re reading this interview… I’m kidding!

A: This must be the weirdest interview we’ve had to do!

K: True! Sobrang weird.

A: So awkward! Ako kaya ko pa yung mall show, mga difficult na scenes, pero ito talaga…


K: Whose idea was this? Hope we said something worthwhile!

P: Don’t worry, you both did!


Produced by Maura Rodriguez

Photographed by Shaira Luna

Styled by Qurator Studio

Makeup by Justine Claudia (for Kathryn) and Rick Calderon (for Alden) 

Hair by Chris Rodil (for Kathryn) and Erica Delos Reyes (for Alden)

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