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Did You Know? A Korean Director Said Kang Ha Neul Is "One of the Kindest Celebs" in the Industry

He reportedly even memorizes the names of staff members on the set!
Did You Know? A Korean Director Said Kang Ha Neul Is "One of the Kindest Celebs" in the Industry
He reportedly even memorizes the names of staff members on the set!

South Korean actor Kang Ha Neul is not only known for his stellar acting chops and strikingly handsome good looks but also for being one of the kindest actors in the Korean entertainment industry. Talk about being the total package! 

In a recent livestream held on Channel Fullmoon’s Youtube channel, renowned South Korean producer and director Na Young Seok revealed that Kang Ha Neul is famous in the industry for his kind personality. So much so that he was named the very “definition of kindness.”


READ: Kang Ha Neul Is One of the Kindest Celebrities in the Industry

ICYDK, in Korean showbiz, they have what they call the “Three Legendary Kings of the Entertainment Industry,” which include South-Korean comedian Yoo Jae Suk, Itaewon Class actor Park Bo Gum, and Kang Ha Neul. Director Na explained in the livestream that they earned this title for being the kindest people in the industry. He then went on to recount the different acts of kindness Kang Ha Neul was known for. 

“Everyone says that you know the names of all the staff members on set, even the youngest staff member. Tell us if this is true or not." Kang Ha Neul confirmed this, saying, "There are so many staff members on set, and there are many times I have to ask them for favors during filming. So I didn't want to call them by saying 'hey, excuse me' all the time. So, I started memorizing everyone's names, starting with the ones I'm close to.” 


Kang Ha Neul’s kindness doesn’t stop there. It was also revealed during the livestream that during the filming of his movie New Trial, he would give allowance to the youngest staff member. Kang Ha Neul, humble as always, responded to the rumors, saying, "Since it's a live broadcast, I'll be bold and honest. I don't really remember during New Trial. I don't remember, but I did give a little allowance bit by bit, so it's a bit ambiguous to say whether it's true or false."

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When asked why he would give allowances, he explained that the youngest staff members work the hardest on set and they also don’t get the best treatment. So to lift their spirits, he would give them a few words of encouragement with a bit of monetary aid. How sweet!

Another story was brought up during the broadcast, this time about giving gifts to the staff after shooting their reality TV show Youth Over Flowers in Iceland. Apparently, once they finished shooting the show, Kang Ha Neul gave the staff sunglasses. Further, he gave them air conditioners when he heard the staff complaining about how hot it was.

Kang Ha Neul confirmed the story, saying, "That's right. I happened to meet the staff members at a café and heard them say they didn't have air conditioning but it was so hot. I didn't give them an expensive brand-new air conditioner. I gave them something small," he explained, downplaying his act of kindness.


Such an inspiration!

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