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The Modern Filipina Is More Empowered Than Ever, and This Study Proves It

Celebrate your femininity.
The Modern Filipina Is More Empowered Than Ever, and This Study Proves It
IMAGE Gab Gutierrez
Celebrate your femininity.

If you've always been curious as to how far women empowerment has gone in the Philippines, then wait no more. A leading ad agency has conducted a study that proves our unbelievable progress! Apparently, it's not too far fetched for us to claim that Filipinas are currently at our most empowered. We now have research to back this up, and it's a study that might motivate us to progress further.

J. Walter Thompson's recent study entitled JWT Babaelang explores the current state of modern Filipinas. It delves into the concept of "Female Capital", or the Filipina's contributions and roles to modern society. And as it appears, we modern Filipinas are currently at our most empowered.

"As the study shows, the Filipina today moves at pace with the modern world yet in her heart, she stays true to her traditional roots," says JWT, adding that we've evolved from the submissive and passive Maria Clara stereotype and are on our way to becoming our most powerful selves. Here are other findings from the study that you need to know about:


85% of Filipinas believe that there has never been a better time to be a woman.

94% of Filipinas agree that it is important for women to step up as mentors for young women.

85% of Filipinas believe technology empowers them and 89% believe that it has given them a voice.

96% of Filipinas surveyed believe that femininity is not a weakness but a strength. However, the biggest barrier to her full potential is herself.

80% answered that they are the main household purhcaser while 73% make the majority of financial decisions at home.

While 98% of Flilipinas believe it's more important to show female role models in film and television, 76% find that there are too many superficial female celebrities and role models.

80% of Filipinas surveyed feel confident that they will reach success in their life, with 41% claiming that they're almost there.

72% of Filipinas agree that they don't really rely on others and that they motivate themselves to succeed, the highest rating among all women surveyed worldwide.

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So in case anyone needed more proof that the Filipina is rising, here it is. Given the right attitude, there's nowhere to go but up!

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