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Did You Know? Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia Wrote Their Scripts for the "Paubaya" Music Video

That's why it felt like a closure to their real-life breakup.
Did You Know? Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia Wrote Their Scripts for the "Paubaya" Music Video
IMAGE TWITTER/iamjoshuagarcia, YOUTUBE/Moira Dela Torre
That's why it felt like a closure to their real-life breakup.

It hasn’t been long since singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre released her hit track, Paubaya, last October 23, 2020, with its lyrics encapsulating a persona’s emotional post-breakup thoughts. Needless to say, she has managed to bring everyone to tears, including married couples and single men and ladies alike. Some netizens have even called it the “unofficial, unreleased” OST to several K-dramas like Start-Up and True Beauty, which are known for having the most heartbreaking love triangles.

That said, in line with yesterday's Valentine’s Day festivities, Moira has finally premiered Paubaya’s well-awaited music video—and just like how its lyrics took over the country by storm, we also can’t get enough of the MV! As moving as the song already is, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, a popular love team who were once a real-life couple, took everything to the next level. We don’t know about you, but their heart-wrenching acting left us absolutely wrecked.


Moira’s team even added a whole emotional exchange between Joshua and Julia in the song’s story. But here's the kicker: It turns out that the two co-stars wrote their own scripts, together with Moira and Jason, as credited under the MV.

It makes everyone wonder whether or not it was purely acting for the pair during the music video’s heartbreaking scene. Every tear shed and every second captured in their longing gazes in the short film simply felt too real. The emotions we saw from them were so raw and natural, reminding us of how much the song actually resonated with their own love story.

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Aside from having brought up the very fears and sentiments they shared in their past relationship, they even used their own names in the dialogue. Could this be the true closure to their breakup? We can't know for sure, but according to Donald Lapez, who played the priest in Paubaya, Josh and Julia even dropped their scripts at one point just to have a moment all to themselves. "No script or kung anu pa man, just pure words of forgiveness and love," wrote the actor under the MV's comments section.


In case you haven't seen it yet, watch the full music video below!

Josh and Julia first met through the Sunday variety show ASAP. They’ve graced the Star Magic Ball red carpet together and co-starred in movies and teleseryes, including Vince and Kath and James and Ngayon at Kailanman. The talk on their breakup—with accusations about a third-party involved—spread like wildfire on social media late last year. But despite all the disputes and controversies that took place in the span of their two-year long relationship, the pair claims that they are on good terms and will stay connected as friends.

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