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Pitch Perfect 3 Is Happening!

Juicy details here.
Pitch Perfect 3 Is Happening! Juicy details here.

If you loved the first two Pitch Perfect films, then we’re happy to share with you the good news—a third installment starring the Barden Bellas and their A cappella group struggles will be airing August 4, 2017. Yup, you aca-believe it!

After most of the Bellas graduated in the last film, it pretty much led us to believe that Hailee Steinfeld will take the lead from Anna. Well, apparently, that's not the case. Below, a list of juicy details we gathered thus far:

Relax, no one is leaving. Well, the lead stars at least. Brittany Snow will be reprising her role as Chloe. 

The movie will not be complete without the girl who started it all, Anna Kendrick. We're wondering though if Beca's boyfriend Jesse (Skylar Astin) will be returning, too. Fat chance! 


The 'most talented one', Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) is completing the trio's presence in the third film. 

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Yup! Rejoice all you want because Hailee Steinfeld is returning with the rest of the crew. 

Elizabeth Banks has also confirmed her return as a producer. We're guessing this also means that her character Gail will have a few cameos. 


We can expect the same fun, feel-good aesthetic we loved from the first two movies because Kay Cannon, who wrote the first two, will still be in charge of the new script.

August 4, 2017 is still a long, long way to go. But 'til then, we'll keep you posted!

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