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10 Things You Need to Know About "Young Lady and Gentleman" Actor Ji Hyun Woo

10 Things You Need to Know About "Young Lady and Gentleman" Actor Ji Hyun Woo
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Young Lady and Gentleman/KBS, Lionheart Entertainment
Aside from being an actor, he’s also in a rock band!

With the K-drama industry’s wide pool of names, sometimes, actors aren’t just actors–they might also be multi-faceted stars!

Take drama mainstay Ji Hyun Woo for example, whose two-decade presence in Korean TV is just one side of his story. While we swoon over his stint in Young Lady and Gentleman, we present the ten facts you gotta know about this all-around Hallyu celeb.

10 Fast Facts about Korean actor Ji Hyun Woo

1. Ji Hyun Woo is a Sagittarius

Born Joo Hyung Tae in Seoul’s Seongdong District, Hyun Woo’s date of birth is on November 29, 1984.

2. Ji Hyun Woo’s blood type is B

In East Asian countries like Japan and South Korea, blood types can apparently tell a lot about person–not just their physical condition, but their personality as well! Hyun Woo is reportedly a blood type B, purpoted to be the creative, thoughtful, and empathetic ones of the bunch.

PHOTO BY Instagram/official_jihyunwoo

3. Ji Hyun Woo is a member of a rock band

Years before he ventured into the acting scene, Hyun Woo’s first love is actually music! In a 2015 interview, he revealed that as a child, he practiced playing the guitar up to eight hours every single day alongside his pianist older brother. This routine eventually led him to a stint as the session guitarist for band Moonchild (now known as M.C. The Max), until his debut as the lead guitarist for The Nuts.

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The band released albums in 2004 and 2006, and even lent its musical chops to several K-drama soundtracks. More than a decade after his debut, the multi-hyphenate artist is now a vocalist and guitarist for band SGO, whose members also include Yoon Chae, SaE, and Kim Hyun Joong.

PHOTO BY Instagram/official_jihyunwoo

4. Ji Hyun Woo is handled by Lionheart Entertainment

After deciding to jump back into music, Hyun Woo made the move to an agency where he can balance his musical and acting career. Just like his current band, Hyun Woo is managed by Lionheart, who also handles singer-slash-actor Jung Dae Hyun.

5. Ji Hyun Woo is also a musical theater actor

In a fusion of both his passions, Hyun Woo has also graced the live stage as a musical theater actor! The 37-year-old starred in a 2005 Korean rendition of Grease, where he played John Travolta’s iconic bad boy role Danny Zuko. In 2013, he played opposite Super Junior’s Leeteuk in the military musical The Promise, while in 2014, the actor performed in the South Korea staging of the original Broadway show Kinky Boots, starring as lead Charlie Price.

Oh Man Seok and Kim Mu Yeol in 2014 Korean staging of "Kinky Boots"

6. Ji Hyun Woo was once called the "Nation’s Little Brother"

With his breakout role in the 2004 drama Old Miss Diary, the then 20-year-old Hyun Woo gained the affectionate title of “Nation’s Little Brother” due to his role’s popularity.

“All I did was act according to the script and they started calling me 'the nation's younger brother.’ I was surprised but I understood the more I got older,” he said in an interview 14 years after the series was first released. 

“I can't be 'the nation's younger brother' now, I'm 35 years old. I should be in love affairs now!” Hyun Woo joked. With his leading man status in Young Lady and Gentleman, he certainly got his wish!

PHOTO BY Old Miss Diary/Lotte Entertainment

7. Ji Hyun Woo went to the same college as Song Joong Ki and Cha Eun Woo

The actor-musician’s alma mater is Sungkyunkwan University, the oldest university in South Korea founded in 1398 during the country’s Joseon Dynasty. Hyun Woo took up performing arts as his major, and he joins the university’s notable students and alumni like Song Joong Ki, Cha Eun Woo, Seo Ji Hye, Krystal Jung, and more!

8. Ji Hyun Woo used to be in a relationship with his "Queen and I" co-star Yoo In Na

Joining the list of actors who found love on set, Hyun Woo made a surprising public love declaration to his Queen and I co-star, Yoo In Na of Goblin fame.

“I wanted to make this confession in front of the fans who enjoyed our drama. I sincerely love Yoo In Na,” the actor confessed during a special fan meeting for their show, which left both the audience and In Na shocked. While it was then followed by a series of secret dates, their relationship wasn’t confirmed until the actress revealed their official status on a radio show.

PHOTO BY Queen and I/CJ E&M

During the live interview, In Na recounted her reaction to the Hyun Woo’s confession: “When the event ended, I asked him why he did that. He then told me that he has never said, 'Mom, buy this for me' or 'I really want this' about anything or felt a need for something. For the first time, he felt greedy, that he didn't want to let me slide away.”

PHOTO BY Queen and I/CJ E&M

In Na said that she felt Hyun Woo’s “honesty with every glance and every word,” contacting him two days after to say her big yes. The couple would eventually have a two-year relationship until parting ways before Hyun Woo’s discharge from his military service.


9. Ji Hyun Woo has at least 30 acting credits to his name

Since delving into the acting world in 2003, Hyun Woo has accumulated numerous roles to his credentials! In a display of range, the actor has played in series like A Thousand Kisses, Angry Mom, Risky Romance, and dabbled in film, including 2011’s Mr. Idol. Most recently, Hyun Woo has drama viewers hooked as the male lead in the 52-episode long series Young Lady and Gentleman.

10. You can follow Ji Hyun Woo on Instagram

Want to see more of Hyun Woo–from acting, to music, to life in between? You can see all that and more on his Instagram page!

PHOTO BY Instagram/official_jihyunwoo

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