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Jason Magbanua Lists Down His Favorite Wedding Videos

You're guaranteed to fall in love!
Jason Magbanua Lists Down His Favorite Wedding Videos
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You're guaranteed to fall in love!

There are three things Jason Magbanua's wedding films can elicit after you've watched his videos: They're a burst of warmth, love, and the sudden urge to propose to your non-existent significant other right this instant. Seriously, I think I just wrote my vows in the process, and I'm entirely too young, and entirely too single to even be thinking about marriage.


Therein lies the magic of his works: through atmospheric music, romantic voiceovers, and perfectly put together B-rolls. Jason will have you enthralled by the couple before you as you fall in love with their love. Few wedding videographers have the ability to do just that, and for Jason, the job isn't simply just about capturing an ephemeral ceremony. "I would call our technique cinematic journalism," Jason tells Preview. "We allow events and emotions to flow and happen with little or no interference at all.  We frame these occurrences with a cinematic eye using principles of film composition and then put them together with an emphasis on storytelling"—a technique he continually works on with every wedding that he gets to shoot. 

As for his favorite part of the job? "I love capturing vows during the ceremony. After all that’s said and done, that is the crux of the wedding day. Take everything else away, that remains," Jason explains.

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Scroll through below and experience love through Jason's lenses, as he lists down and explains his five favorite wedding films:

"I always find it difficult when people ask me to come up with a list of my favorite wedding videos. It's like asking me to pick between my children. This time was no exception. So in no particular order..."

Anne and Erwan

"This one is interesting. Editing this film, I didn't constrict myself to edit to any song length or time limit, I just carefully assembled and built and put together clips, telling the story, exploring relationships, and revealing emotion. This one is always a joy to watch, genuine and brimming with nuance. You hardly notice the run time. "

Gia and Charles

"Part of my job is reading my couple and reading the audience. The piece I create for them must reflect their taste and aesthetic.  Seeing the bridal party spontaneously burst into song and dance at the preps told me that this was one fun bunch. Moony? Check. Kaskade? Check! Let's hit a home run."


Martine and Cliff

"Would you believe I was a Bali virgin before this wedding? The place eluded me for years but this first time is oh so sweet. I went full on orchestral pop rock with this one, taking the audience for one exhilarating ride. "

Monique and Cedric

"Once in a while you come across a story so compelling, so inspiring that you hope to God that you are able to translate the essence of that story into a five-minute clip. This is one of those times."   

Sky and Vient

"I kept most of the selections within the last 12 months. As a creator, I try to believe that my work should always improve and evolve. Therefore, I must have new favorites every other month. That said, Sky and Vient's is from a couple of years ago and is still always on my list. The fusion of the pre-wedding shoot with actual wedding footage and a spoken word narrative truly makes this piece one of  a kind. It has one clear cut message—amid all the trappings and accoutrements of a wedding—the core is still the relationship between the two persons getting married."

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