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Janine Gutierrez Gets Personal With Her New Website

Find out what the actress has in store for us!
Janine Gutierrez Gets Personal With Her New Website
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/janinegutierrez
Find out what the actress has in store for us!

Janine Gutierrez is ready to branch out, vlogger-style, as she gives her fans a more personal look into her life with her new website. Launching this December 20 at 8pm, the Preview girl took to Instagram earlier to air out her excitement for the big day. "Finally finished working on our very own little space - meet me there tonight. #LaunchDay," Janine writes.


In collaboration with Milk Man Marketing and a few of her closest friends, the website will comprise of a series of videos with Janine responding to her fans' most asked questions, especially when it comes to fashion, beauty, and a few scenes from her personal life. That said, we certainly can't wait to find out all of Janine's fashion and beauty secrets, and have no doubt that we'll pick up a plethora of helpful tips and tricks along the way. 

Dying to know more about Janine's exciting new venture? Check out our interview with her below!

Tell us about your website. What led to its creation? 

"It just started because around March I was really interested in doing more work outside the country and one of my past mentors said that I needed an electronic press kit—a file that had my work and news articles. From that, it morphed into a full website which still serves as a press kit, but also a channel to connect with my fans turned friends over the years and I guess a more personal introduction of myself with content and updates. "

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How long have you been working on this? Can you take us the proces of mounting your site? 

"It's been months!! March, I think! It took so much longer than I expected to gather everything and finalize the look. I approached Milk Man Marketing because its comprised of three of my closest friends in the industry who are extremely talented and who already know me so well—MJ Benitez, Martin Yambao and Raymond Ang. They understood exactly what I was going for and based the look on my personality. Miguel Lugtu, another one of my creative favorites designed the website and we shot the photos with more of my good friends (lucky to have the most talented people around me) BJ Pascual, Omar Ermita, Mark Familara—of course, styled by MJ. My very first fashion shoot was with this group of people so it's so cool to collect all our past work, see the evolution, and move forward with them."


What type of content can we expect from you?

"We're launching videos in a few days!! It'll be basically everything I've been asked for the past years in Twitter and in my DM's! Fashion, beauty, and my life. I feel like up to this point I've still been a little private about what goes on behind work and now I'm so excited to open up about everything and show who I really am. We'll do what you guys would like to see and I was really inspired to start it also as a thank you to everyone who's always been by my side and so encouraging on social media and in real life. "


Can you describe the type of audience you’re hoping to reach?

"I'm hoping to connect with the people who've been supporting me since the beginning and really be more present and available for any questions or tips I can share about anything!!"

How do you plan on balancing managing the website along with your acting career?

"I am really a blog/vlogging newbie and I admire all the amazing vloggers after trying it!! Haha I'm not used to documenting everything but I'm so excited to share more of my life and just incorporate it in my schedule. The goal is just to be honest and hopefully be a source of light or even just companionship to everyone I can."


Congratulations, Janine! We can't wait for what you have in store!

Check out Janine's site here.

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