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5 Times Janella Salvador Embodied Valentina’s Badass Personality

She’s not one to back down from haters.
5 Times Janella Salvador Embodied Valentina’s Badass Personality
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She’s not one to back down from haters.

Although most eyes are on protagonist Jane De Leon who plays Pinay superhero Darna in the well-received new series, her kontrabida Janella Salvador has been delivering stellar acting moments of her own, making it hard for fans to hate her! It’s her first time playing a villain after all, ever since she broke into the spotlight as the charming daughter of Richard Yap a.k.a. Sir Chief in Be Careful With My Heart.

Perhaps it’s Janella’s grace and badass self-confidence that landed her the role of the iconic supervillain, but we can totally see Valentina’s fiery personality in her! How so? Let’s count the ways.

5 times Janella Salvador embodied Valentina’s badass personality:

1. She’s not one to back down from her haters.


After giving birth to her son Jude, Janella revealed that she received unsolicited comments from other people saying she put her career into waste. For this, she has the best response: “I’m still me. I’m still who I am. I’m still Janella Salvador. I can still sing. I can still act. I can still work. Bakit sayang, ‘di ba? Wala naman nag bago sa’kin so walang sayang. 'Pag naging nanay ka na, hindi ka sayang.” Tell ‘em, girl!

2. She always keeps it real.

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Dismantling the stigma surrounding celebs that go under the knife, Janella opened up about undergoing liposuction to help with her postpartum weight loss journey. In an Instagram post, she shared an encouraging message to her fellow moms. "To all the mamas out there, enjoy every part of your journey and don't pressure yourself. At the end of the day, what matters most is the health and happiness of your baby. But don't forget to take steps towards your own happiness."

3. She works hard!


Darna is Janella’s first big project after giving birth, so naturally, the pressure is there. She addresses it by working extra hard to ensure that she gives justice to the role. In an interview, she said that she took inspiration from the talented actresses who played Valentina before her, including the late Cherie Gil. “There’s a bit of pressure, pero aside from the pressure, I’m really excited! Pinanood ko of course the late Cherie Gil, one of the people who portrayed it really well. Of course, I want to make this my own. At the same time, gusto ko syempre tumatak siya.”

4. She isn’t afraid to stand up to her advocacies.


Janella recently trended for a viral scene where her character Regina (the lawyer-vlogger who will later on transform into Valentina) was seen standing up to social injustices. Little did fans know that it’s actually the scene that made her fall in love with her villain role. “The first scene we worked on when they had me read for the role of Regina. How can I not fall in love with her character?” she wrote.

5. She’ll fight tooth and nail for her loved ones.


In all her years as a celeb, Janella is no stranger to hate comments. While she mostly doesn’t mind bashing thrown her way, it’s a different thing altogether if her loved ones get involved. To her son’s bashers, Janella has a message: “If it's directed at me, sige, okay lang, dededmahin ko. Pero 'wag naman sa anak ko na walang kamalay-malay. Kasi if he can't fight for himself, I'm gonna fight for him.”

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