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The Cast of "Island," Cha Eun Woo's Trending K-Drama, and Where You've Seen Them Before

The Cast of "Island," Cha Eun Woo's Trending K-Drama, and Where You've Seen Them Before
IMAGE Island/TVing
The Prime Video K-drama has a part 2 coming soon!

For folks who aren't local to South Korea, and even for some that are, Jeju Island is often viewed with rose-tinted sunglasses. Several dramas have portrayed it as a provincial escape from the hustle and bustle of Seoul, with worn-out individuals fleeing to its shores for respite. Surely, no darkness could ever shroud such a tranquil setting... right? Well, evil spirits roam wherever they want to, we suppose.

A definitive answer to such a query comes by way of Island, a Prime Video K-drama starring beloved Hallyu star Cha Eun Woo. Supporters of the K-pop idol-turned-actor will see him donning clerical clothing in the mystery thriller, as he plays an exorcist priest named Yohan (We told you things would take a dark turn.) Intriguing, to say the least.

PHOTO BY Island/TVing

Part 1 of the series is currently dominating the top TV shows list on the platform, with all of its episodes ready for us to binge. In anticipation for it's second chapter though, it's worth getting to know the cast taking us through the eerie occurences on the island.


Here's the Cast of Island and Where You've Seen Them Before

1. Cha Eun Woo

Even the least acquianted with the world of K-pop has heard of Cha Eun Woo. If you haven't fell in love with him for his buttery vocals or his boy-next-door looks, then you've probably seen the ASTRO member in one or two hit dramas.

Eun Woo is best remembered for his main role as high school heartthrob Lee Su-ho in True Beauty. Other titles he's starred in include Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, and Top Management.

PHOTO BY True Beauty/tvN

2. Lee Da Hee

Portraying Yohan's right-hand woman on the island, Won Mi-ho, is actress Lee Da Hee. Fans of 2013 legal fantasy drama I Can Hear Your Voice can recall her as prosecutor Soo Do-yeon, who was bitter rivals with Lee Bo Young's Atty. Jang Hye-sung. Some recent works of hers include Love Is for Suckers, L.U.C.A.: The Beginning, and The Beauty Inside.

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PHOTO BY I Can Hear Your Voice/SBS

3. Kim Nam Gil

The Prime Video series sees Kim Nam Gil portraying reverend Van, but this isn't his first time playing a religious figure. One of his most iconic characters was the titular part in 2019's The Fiery Priest, where he got to act alongside former Miss Universe-Korea Honey Lee. Nam Gil's portfolio spans 23 years, yet Island serves as his first web series project. You can catch him in familiar titles like Through the Darkness and Queen Seondeok.

PHOTO BY The Fiery Priest/SBS

4. Sung Joon

Making his comeback to the small screen since 2017's Ms. Perfect is Sung Joon, a.k.a. Gung-tan on Island. He's notably lent his charm to 2015's High Society and 2014's I Need Romance 3 before, two performances that bagged him Best Actor nods at the SBS Drama Awards.

Fun fact: He's part of a leading man clique called the "Model Avengers," which is composed of Kim Woo Bin, Kim Young-kwang, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Hong Jong Hyun. The five all worked together in the 2011 drama White Christmas, and has remained close ever since.

PHOTO BY High Society/SBS

5. Go Doo Shim

Go Doo Shim has had heaps of experience portraying the many eommas and halmeonis of K-drama land. She's done so in popular titles like Our Blues, When the Camellia Blooms, My Mister, and High Society (meaning she's worked with Sung Joon before!) In the show, she Geum Baek-ju, or Granny Haenyeo.

PHOTO BY Our Blues/tvN

6. Heo Jung Hee

Under the granny's guidance is the young Yeom-ji, played by newcomer Heo Jung Hee. Prior to Island, the 27-year-old has appeared on the KakaoTV series Shadow Beauty as high school student Yang Ha-neul.

PHOTO BY Shadow Beauty/KakaoTV

7. Jeon Kuk Hwan

Remember Captain Ri Chung-ryeol, Hyun Bin's fictional father in Crash Landing On You? Or how about King Yeongjong in Lovers of the Red Sky? Both characters and many, many more were brought to life by veteran actor Jeon Kuk Hwan. In Island, he plays Won Tae-han, a prominent figure in the Daehan Group.

PHOTO BY Crash Landing On You/tvN

8. Choi Tae Joon

While Choi Tae Joon only popped by Jeju for a quick apperance as Chan-hee, he certainly left a mark, as he always does. If you remember, the Suspicious Partner and Exit leading man also made a cameo in Twenty-Five Twenty One as Kim Tae Ri's first boyfriend Ho-jin.

PHOTO BY Suspicious Partner/SBS
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