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iPhone Users: You Might Want to Wait Before Updating to iOS14

At least, for now.
iPhone Users: You Might Want to Wait Before Updating to iOS14 At least, for now.

If you're an Apple user, then you might have heard of the news about the iOS 14 update. There's a lot to look forward to from Apple's latest OS update, including the new widgets feature on the Home Screen, the App Library that automatically organizes your apps into categories, as well as the Picture in Picture feature that allows you to keep watching videos even while browsing through other apps.


Despite being the most anticipated update, Apple users who rely on a lot of apps might want to hold off from getting iOS 14, at least for now. App developers have issued their own warnings against downloading the latest update because their apps were found to have glitches when launched or used on the latest iOS version.

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Business Insider reports that several app developers came forward and said that they weren't given enough time to make sure their respective apps are ready for the new OS update, which could easily lead to users experiencing glitches on their end.

One of the bigger app developers that came forward with their own warning was Nintendo, who advised avid users of the app Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to refrain from updating their OS until they've addressed the issue.


Two days after issuing the statement, however, the team over at Nintendo was able to fix the issue and provide an app update that's compatible with the latest iOS version. Other smaller app developers, however, might take longer than that to optimize their apps to work on iOS 14, so it's best to check for updates from them if you're heavily reliant on certain apps.


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