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The Internet Had the Funniest Reactions to the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Coronation Night

If you're on a pageant high, be sure to scroll through Twitter for more witty quips!
The Internet Had the Funniest Reactions to the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Coronation Night
IMAGE instagram/themissuniverseph,, twitter/divinemlee
If you're on a pageant high, be sure to scroll through Twitter for more witty quips!

We don't know about you, but we're still reeling from the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Coronation Night! Despite occurring in the middle of a pandemic, the candidates' performances did not disappoint. Being that she will be the first openly bisexual Filipina to compete on the Miss Universe stage, Bea Gomez's crowning was definitely the cherry on top of the evening.

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Even if just through their phone or computer screens, many fans made sure to tune in and cheer for their favorite queens. Tweets predicting who will win and memes depicting notable events during the pageant were abundant, showcasing the natural sense of humor akin to Pinoys. We couldn't help but chuckle at some posts while watching the big event, so below we round up some of our favorites.


The night kicked off with a glamorous opening performance by the Top 28 ladies, accompanied and led by Miss Universe Philippines 2020, Rabiya Mateo. Dancing to BINI's "Born to Win" I guess you can say the number was a "heavenly" one for Twitter user @ekojjang_.

Being that this was also the end of Rabiya's reign, it was time for her to graciously pass the crown. We could only assume that it must have been a nerve-wracking moment for her, so we applaud the Illonga for getting back up when she slipped during her walk. Though the internet, as unforgivingly witty as it can be, was quick to allude this accident to a scene in the currently trending Netflix series Squid Game. 

PHOTO BY FACEBOOK/Tourism Problems

Some segments showed the girls conversing backstage, and some netizens couldn't help but point out how familiar their set-up looked like. 

PHOTO BY TWITTER/heycarlitots

San Juan's Ayn Bernos was beaming last night, and her performance showed how joyful she was that her dream of stepping on the pageant stage finally came true. Aside from that though, @markgeronimo_ made a quip about how the 26-year-old beauty queen sort of resembled OPM singer Morisette (and not going to lie, we see it, too!) 

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PHOTO BY TWITTER/markgeronimo_

Many fans were dismayed that Ayn's journey was cut short at Top 16, since they didn't get to witness the TikToker's impeccable public speaking skills in the Q&A portion. 

PHOTO BY TWITTER/imkyrusbarroga

The newly-minted beauty queen assured everyone though that she was already more than happy to just be there. "Masaya na ako magka-sash, lalong mas masaya akong naranasan ko 'to," she expresses in a tweet. 


Fan favorite Kisses Delavin was also a head-turner during the event. Some noted how she shed off her "sweet girl" image and matured right before our eyes on the stage. Surely, she made so many people proud—possibly including some international artists with similar last names?


At the end of the night, Cebu City's very own Beatrice Luigi Gomez was proclaimed the "big winner" of the competition. Many supporters of hers, both old and new, were jumping with glee when her home state was announced as the overall victor. Some might say it was a similar experience to when actress Beatrice Saw won Pinoy Big Brother years prior. 


Proudly wearing her queerness on her sleeve, it was a significant victory not just for her, but also for the LGBTQIA+ community. Rest assured, her queer siblings will be fervently cheering her on as she goes for the gold at Miss Universe this December.

PHOTO BY TWITTER/catesblanket_

In a couple months, the entire country will be facing higher stakes than any type of pageant. With the 2022 National Elections looming over us, Twitter user @deedeeholliday_ poses a strong reminder that we should all keep in mind.


PHOTO BY TWITTER/deedeeholliday_

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