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20 Fresh Ways to Pose on Instagram If You're Camera-Shy

When you want to be #seen but not actually seen.
20 Fresh Ways to Pose on Instagram If You're Camera-Shy
When you want to be #seen but not actually seen.

Some people are used to "bringing it" whenever they pose for a photo, but there are also others who can't imagine themselves facing the camera. Well, we've got good news for those camera-shy girls: You don't always need to expose your face to have a cool Instagram pic. Here, we round up the best poses you can try for the 'gram!

1. Focus on your outfit's details instead.

2. Show off your balcony's cool view.

3. Fill the IG square with your outfit by squatting and facing sideways. Cover your face with the help of your bangs.

4. Too shy to take a beach pic? Take a dip in the water, turn your back, and raise your arms.

5. Feature your full OOTD without showing your face by doing the hair flip. The key is in the camera's shutter timing!

6. Here's a cool peg for taking a beauty shot without really showing your face.


7. This is a cool mirror selfie pose we all want to copy!

8. Obviously, a hat can be used to go incognito.

9. Face the wall and do the hair flip.

10. Look away and just chill.

11. Do an over-the-shoulder pose and only show your smiling eyes.

12. Now here's a shy girl-approved way to casually show off your tanned complexion.

13. If you're not too comfortable showing your face, take your picture from a distance.

14. How about a cute face mask to cover half your face?

15. You can even use flowers and shadows to hide your face. It's called #art.

16. When you just want to show off your bling:

17. That feeling when you haven't had your coffee yet...

18. Or, how about iced coffee?

19. Making use of the sunshine is a genius trick. Screenshot this for your next beach trip!

20. Going against the light to show only your silhouette is also a clever trick. Choose a nice view to highlight as your background for good measure.

*This story originally appeared on Cosmo.phMinor edits have been made by the editors.