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4 Ways to Bring Your IG Photos to Life, Based on Camille Co's Feed

Take it from the OG style influencer herself.
4 Ways to Bring Your IG Photos to Life, Based on Camille Co's Feed

If there’s one thing we love and envy about top influencers, it’s the standout content they share on IG. Camille Co, for instance, posts beautifully composed, brightly colored photos on her feed shot using just her camera phone. Here's how to channel the spirit of her dynamic pics to earn you those double-taps.

1. Incorporate warm colors.

If the color of your background is made up of neutral or cool tones, wear a warm-colored outfit. We like how Camille’s fiery red dress stands out against the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

2. Pose with some drama.

Get creative by incorporating movement into your shots. Try twirling in a flowy dress, the way Camille did in this photo to show the intricate ceiling of the Palazzo Sergardi Biringucci.

3. Don’t scrimp on the view.

Tell an intriguing story through your selfies by making the picturesque view behind you your co-star. Giving your photos a sense of place also adds context to the message you want to convey. A selfie stick works, but your arm and a wide-angle camera phone can do the job too.

4. Let the background stand out.

Achieve the perfect #FollowMeTo pic like Camille did during her visit to Pena Palace by focusing more on the destination and less on the hands. Angle the camera low and slanting upward to highlight the height of a structure. Keep your camera at eye-level and facing down if you want to emphasize the landscape.

For a standout IG feed with rich content and vivid details like Camille’s, experiment with your aesthetic and have fun with the Huawei P30 Pro, which the influencer used on her recent European trip. It has an RYYB sensor which helps increase image brightness by up to 40 percent, so shooting in low-light settings or on a cloudy day is easy and still gives amazing pics. Its Leica Quad Camera System, OIS stability, and SuperZoom Lens all produce high-resolution and sharp images that let you stand out even more.

The phone also has a 32-megapixel front camera with facial recognition, which accurately contours and brightens the face even if you're backlit. The wide-angle lens offers greater depth and enhanced perspective for interesting and flattering selfies.

Find out more about the Huawei P30 Pro by visiting the Huawei Philippines website and Facebook page.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Huawei.