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This New Instagram Update Will Make You Reconsider Your Stalking Habits

This New Instagram Update Will Make You Reconsider Your Stalking Habits
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You've been warned.

Instagram is rolling out a new privacy-focused feature that may just make your stalking sessions a little trickier. For a while, the news of screenshot notifications in direct messages rattled us. But today, the internet is shaken yet again as we receive another warning from Instagram:


Yikes! Did that make your stomach flinch, too?

On a positive note, Instagram will let you off the hook the first time (use that card wisely!) before officially sending out a notification to the next person whose IG story you decide to screencap. That said, on your second strike, do take note that your sleuthing habits will not easily go unnoticed. While Instagram won't directly send an embarrassing notification like Snapchat does, as soon as the subject of your stalking pulls up to see who viewed his/her story, your username will show up with an icon next to it, indicating that you took a screenshot of that particular post. 



This Instagram update is currently being rolled out to select users as of now. But based on Twitter, netizens are already panicking as they slowly discover what's about to come their way. 

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A friendly reminder: next time you're out to do some stalking, keep this new feature in mind! 

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