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This IG Account Is Proof That Everyone Posts the Same Things Online

Get ready to experience déjà vu.
This IG Account Is Proof That Everyone Posts the Same Things Online
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/insta_repeat
Get ready to experience déjà vu.

We're all guilty of taking that obligatory IG-worthy shot at some point, but have you ever wondered how often we actually do it?


Well, now we've found more proof. An account called Insta Repeat is collaging similar pictures from different people's accounts, showing just how many photography clichés there are on social media. And despite the few posts it has so far, it makes us realize how much we actually enjoy taking the same pictures as other people. Here are a few of its posts to prove it—and be warned: These will give you a weird sense of déjà vu!

A tutorial on how to make your fear of heights Instagram-worthy.

Running out of content? Your morning walks can look surprisingly interesting with a shot of you on the road sans the traffic.

But if you're not much of a walker, a driving snap would do.

Need a "cool" way to take a selfie with a view? A #hairfie is the way to go. No makeup needed.


Framing is key, and rocks and tents apparently help a lot, too.

Add waterfalls to the list, provided that you stand right in the middle of it.

The same goes for boat rides.

An Instaception: the perfect way to show off your new phone, camera, and the view all at once.

Which one of these do you already have on your feed?