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We Asked Influencers How They're Enriching Themselves While in Quarantine

And by that we mean their minds, souls, hearts, and bodies!
We Asked Influencers How They're Enriching Themselves While in Quarantine
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/tgosingtian, INSTAGRAM/reigermar
And by that we mean their minds, souls, hearts, and bodies!

Now that COVID-19 has become a pandemic and everyone's at home in quarantine, we've all simultaneously realized that there's actually so much we can occupy ourselves with under our very own roofs. Who knew? Whether it's learning a new language via translation apps, trying out that tricky recipe, or simply starting on a book you couldn't find the time to read before, feel free to glean anti-idleness inspo from these influencers who're gettin' busy enriching their minds and bodies away from life's usual bustle.

Rei Germar

"Editing vlogs and I’m trying to work out again! Focusing on my abs and my booty. Of course, [I'm also] helping spread awareness about the current situation of citizens in underprivileged communities [through] the fundraising of different organizations."


Renee de Guzman

"Well, I’ve been cleaning a lot and making my place feel more at home since I’m alone [here in London]. Been trying to read books and make little guides for IG stories to help people out as well!"

Hannah Locsin

"I started scheduling “video workout dates” with some friends who want to balance out all the unhealthy snacking! It makes me less lazy when I have someone to do it with."

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Tricia Gosingtian

"I’ve been monitoring the news on TV from morning to night, and keeping myself updated with what’s happening through different news channels online. Since I’m 35 weeks pregnant, I’m discouraged by everyone around me (and the news) to do much, so I just keep in touch with my friends and family through chat once in a while. Bringing life into this world in a few weeks is a scary thought, so I’m equipping myself with proper knowledge so I know what kind of world my child will live in.


"Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I go play FF9 on my Switch. Waiting for the FF7 Remake seems like forever!"

EJ Nacion

"Since the quarantine started I’ve been working from home. (I also have a day job!) I usually finish with work early so that leaves me with enough time to reconnect with myselfI do this by listening to different genres of music and because of that I’m able to update my playlist and make it more versatile. I’ve been catching up on YouTube and Pinterest to help inspire me plan my future content and of course I’ve been catching up on my favorite Netflix series!"


Madi Ross

"I just got back from a trip, but I've been catching up on work, organizing my computer and hard drives, journaling, and getting creative at home (which is nice 'cause I've never done that before). Oh, and I just did a 45-minute YouTube yoga class!"


Janeena Chan

"Mostly home cleaning, decluttering, and taking that much-needed quality rest and time with family."

Jeline Catt

"I’ve been doing home workouts every morning to stay active, and I’ve been catching up on my reading because I have a lot of books that've yet to be read."


Aryanna Epperson

"[I've been] taking more time to rest, spending time at home with my family, reading, and working on personal creative projects!"


Andie Javelosa

"I’m taking this time to enhance my knowledge on spirituality. I’ve been reading about and practicing with astrology, oracle cards, crystals, and pyschic abilities. I watch the news daily and it has been making me feel anxious. By practicing these, I can find calm with my inner self amidst what is happening outside."


Lou Yanong

"I’ve been writing down goals for the next years to come! And [bingeing on] Korean dramas."

Valerie Weigmann

"I am blessed and grateful that just before this crisis, I was able to have my small home gym completed and was able to buy a ton of new books. So while on quarantine, I set a goal to work out almost everyday, alternating workouts between cardio, weightlifting, and plyometrics. I've also started reading books focused on business management and I'm planning to get different perspectives and a better understanding [from] them. While praying for the plight of others, I know that staying home is the least I can do to help; and while at home, to take this opportunity to reset and to enrich my body and mind."


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