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iFlix and Viva to Produce 30 Original Films For the Free Streaming Site

Plus nine T.V. series!
iFlix and Viva to Produce 30 Original Films For the Free Streaming Site
Plus nine T.V. series!

There's nothing better than getting free quality content, and it looks like iFlix is finally ready to give Filipinos, and the rest of the world, everything they want. In a recent press launch, the streaming service announced its latest partnership with Viva Communications, the same company that brought us blockbuster hits like  BuyBust, and Never Not Love You.

The iFlix x Viva collaboration will allow iFlix to beef up its consumable content with Viva's entire library of films. That's reportedly a whole 9000 hours worth of screen time! If you especially enjoy binge-watching local films, you'll literally have movies to watch for days on end!

But that's not all. The partnership will also herald the production of new content, amounting to 30 original movies, and nine T.V. series, in just a span of three years. All of which will be put up on iFlix!

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Available in 23 territories, the streaming site released its first original film last March with Mystified, a.k.a. the Encantandia reunion of our childhood dreams.

We definitely can't wait to see what iFlix and Viva have cooking up their sleeves, next!

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