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These Are Ian Pangilinan's Favorite Things to Watch Right Now

Running out of shows to watch? Check out the "Gaya Sa Pelikula" actor's picks!
These Are Ian Pangilinan's Favorite Things to Watch Right Now
IMAGE Ian Pangilinan
Running out of shows to watch? Check out the "Gaya Sa Pelikula" actor's picks!

It's no doubt that one of our all time favorite activities is watching movies and TV shows. Especially since we're all staying at home, tuning into a good show seems like the perfect idea to pass the time! But apart from going through the typical action-packed blockbusters to the heartwarming K-dramas, we're always looking for recommendations to add to our watchlist. And who will be better to ask than a fellow film geek?

During his interview at Preview's 25th anniversary party, Gaya Sa Pelikula actor Ian Pangilinan shared that his current top movie pick is still the 2017 award-winning and Oscar nominated film, Ladybird, which navigates the ups and downs of a teenage girl's last year of high school.

"For me kasi sobrang universal 'yung experience of growing up, growing as a person, going through all of those awkward stages and then learning from them, realizing that you're not the only one with problems in the world," explains Ian. "I just love that movie for being able to capture that so well and so seamlessly as if so it's not preaching anything."


However, if you're looking for a good laugh, Ian says that he finds the sit-com Community to be very entertaining and a perfect fit for his sense of humor. In case you haven't heard of the show yet, the series follows the lives and hilarious antics of a group of community college students and currently spans six seasons. The show is set on giving you truly light and fun entertainment, perfect for a weekend binge-watch. FYI, it shares the same creator as the hit animated TV series Rick and Morty, so if you're a fan of that show, you might want to check Community out, too!

As for what's next for the actor, Ian reveals that he recently got a haircut for his role in the upcoming series I Got You, which also stars Beauty Gonzalez. "[My character's] hair is a thing in the fandom, so as much as possible we tried to [stay true to it]," says the actor. Ian then adds that he personally loves making his characters look distinct, which is why he believes hairstyles also play quite the fundamental role in his acting career.

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