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How to Tell If You're a Real Digital Influencer

How to Tell If You're a Real Digital Influencer Here are ways to measure your online presence.

Let’s admit it: Some of us get a little on the obsessive side when it comes to the number of hearts we get on our Instagram posts. But to what end? Interestingly, because of how social media have been consumed exponentially, online presence has become a core component to how you are perceived as a person. Many will argue that this rests on the negative plane but let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, an employee, or a student who’s constantly snapping your every bite, your online presence has something to do with how you affect the people around you. While it’s encouraging to see the number count of your followers rise, what differentiates a digital influencer from everyone else online is just that—influence.

At yesterday’s Digital Summit: Storytelling for Brands, our Editor-in-Chief Isha Vallés shared ways on how you can measure your digital influence. Read on!

Distinct Branding

“It's about having a clear-cut, well-defined brand. It's about brand recall. And most importantly, it's about how others identify with your brand and develop an affinity for it. Your online persona should be so consistent and clear that it's visible in each post and caption you put out. What you’d like is for people to fall in love with your brand and want to align themselves with your brand values.”


“This is the influence you are able to exert with regards to your field of expertise or scope of interest. Do your posts inspire readers to copy your style, try out the food you gave a thumbs up to, or visit the destinations you just gushed about? It’s important to have a strong point of view and communicate that clearly.”


Valuable Network

“In our interview with super star vlogger Michelle Phan in the May issue of Preview, she mentions the importance of making connections with other creatives, even if they are not in the same field as you. A good network will help you get exclusive intel, collaborate on exciting projects, and more.”


“Aside from the number of followers likes, and comments you get on your posts, when readers start creating their own content inspired by you or identifying things they see and encounter with you and your brand, then you know that you've made a connection with them.”


“Social media has made it easy for everyone to self-publish and make a start as a blogger or would-be digital influencer. The real task beyond standing out from the rest is to maintain that influence over time. Innovation is the key to staying relevant in a world whose pace is so quick and whose interests change day by day.”

You see, it takes more than a (+) or a (-) on VSCO. Just like trust and respect, influence—online or offline—is something you earn over time.

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