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How to Take the Perfect Group Photo

Because selfies won't cut it.
How to Take the Perfect Group Photo Because selfies won't cut it.

In our social media-driven age, group photos are a must at any gathering. Whether it's to prove the event actually did occur or to show off a themed dinner, it's a fun way of documenting a memory. But, as with all things, aesthetics are of utmost importance (at least when it comes to your Instagram feed). Aside from perfect framing, there are other factors to contend with when composing the perfect group shot. 

A veteran to staging group shots, we racked Preview Editor in Chief, Isha Valles' brains on how to take that perfect shot. Read on to find out!


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1. Count how many people need to be in the photo to determine how many tiers and how widespread the shot will be.

2. Arrange chairs in varying heights and space them out well. You don't want a class photo effect.

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3. Consider people's heights and what they are wearing when determining where to position them. Certain outfits look better when you're standing, you want to vary heights but not put someone very tall beside someone very small.

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4. Use your viewfinder/screen while positioning people so you know how the photo will appear and fit in the photo and you can adjust.

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5. People tend to stay at the back or sit all in a row. Art direct them to sit on a chair's arm rest, lean on one another, or even sit on the floor. Have them extend their legs or bend their arms to make them look good on cam.

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