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How to Survive Waiting In Traffic When Your Phone Dies

Dead batteries? These should keep you amused.
How to Survive Waiting In Traffic When Your Phone Dies
IMAGE Liam Andrew Cura
Dead batteries? These should keep you amused.

To get you through the merry madness, we give you a list of things to keep you amused while stuck in Christmas traffic. Except, none of these involve your phone. Curious? Keep scrolling!

1. Pamper yourself

Traffic-induced stress can wreck major havoc on your skin, so keep a mobile spa kit in your glove compartment. You can start with a face mask, a lip scrub and some nail polish!

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2. De-clutter your bag

Your bag is most likely a forest of crumpled receipts, loose change and lint. Lots of lint. With Christmas (and another mound of post-holiday receipts) approaching, there's no better time to start cleaning out the mess you've amassed in your trusty tote.

3. Read a book

Preview editors dish on their fashion fashion books:

Deluxe by Dana Thomas

IMAGE Penguin Books

"Love how it goes beyond the glam facade of fashion and exposes the dirtier side of the industry." - Jae Pickrell, Features & Copy Editor

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

IMAGE Penguin Books

"Real style, real people, photographed within real cities." - Jacqui Salonga, Managing Editor

4. Get fit


Being stuck in traffic is no excuse for missing out on a much-needed exercise sesh (recall that cheeseburger you had for lunch?). Below, a guide to car yoga 101:

IMAGE Liam Andrew Cura

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