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How to Start Journaling Like a Pro

Learn the basics!
How to Start Journaling Like a Pro
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Learn the basics!

Keeping a journal is a personal and unique experience. You don't have to be a world-class artist to do it well and to keep a good one, because it's all about the thoughts on the paper and your satisfaction as the author. But if all the pretty Pinterest posts and *cough* laziness are really draining your motivation to start one, maybe you need to seek inspiration from elsewhere.

The ABCs of Journaling is your newest journaling survival guide. Developed by the author of The ABCs of Hand Lettering and creative entrepreneur Abbey Sy, the book will take you through the basics of journaling—from the materials you need to personalize your entries to the new and creative techniques you can use to record your adventures.

Abbey's tips will not only inspire you to start journaling; she'll also help you turn it into a habit. “It’s the best friend that helps you know yourself better. It’s a compilation of stories, memories, and the little things that make life great," Abbey writes in the book's opening letter.

The book also shares the journaling techniques and experiences of Anne Frank, Dr. Jose Rizal, and many local artists such as Robert Alejandro, Gaby Gloria, and Reese Lansangan to inspire you further on your documenting journey. It has all the information you need to push your creative buttons and find meaning in your daily experiences.

The ABCs of Journaling is now available in newsstands, bookstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide for P350.

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