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How to Pour the Perfect Pint of Beer

How to Pour the Perfect Pint of Beer
IMAGE Janinna Santos
Drink from the glass, not the bottle!

Believe it or not, beer is art. From brewing to pouring, there are rituals you must know in order to serve the perfect glass of beer. But memorizing numerous beer-serving rituals can be a tad too much. So here, we summarized the process into easy steps that will wow your peers. Plus, in knowing such, no bartender will fool you into drinking sloppily poured beer, whether tapped from a keg or poured from a bottle. Read on!

Based on Heineken's Star Serve five-step ritual, below, learn the three most basic and vital steps to pouring the perfect pint of beer.

1. Rinse the glass.

IMAGE Heineken

Beer is best drank in clean sparkling glasses. Make sure to only drink beer in glasses that have been rinsed thoroughly. Clean glasses are also best in foam retention. (Yes, the foam is important!)

2. Tilt & pour.


IMAGE Heineken

Title the glass at a 45-degree angle. Pour slowly or more foam will be produced!

3. Shift and skim.

IMAGE Heineken

When your glass is about half full, shift to a 90-degree angle and finish pouring. Once done, skim the top to ensure a two-finger thick foam in every glass. The foam seals in the carbonation of the drink, leaving your lager fresh and crisp longer.

Now all that is left to do is to sip and enjoy your ice-cold beer!

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